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DD moved off reading-scheme books

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OwlCat Mon 09-Dec-13 17:25:05

My DD started reception this year as a non-reader, on ORT red reading level as she knew all of her letters from nursery. She has now worked her way to orange level but the teacher doesn't want to move her any higher, although she can read the books easily, and instead thinks that it's better to pick non-reading scheme books from the school library.

I have no complaints about this and think that these books are much more interesting for her, and the teacher seems great - it's her rather than DH or me that has been pushing DD (although we do of course encourage DD). However, I just wondered if this approach was usual?

Phaush Mon 09-Dec-13 17:48:51

If you can read, the books on the ORT are fairly dull. Given the rapid progress your DD has made I expect she understands what she is reading pretty well.

You may find that you have problems finding appropriate books now - books that are 'hard' enough may contain stories she doesn't get. It took DD (also reception) a while to get the concept of 'the magic key' in the Biff and Chip books, for example. When she first came across one of those stories she was baffled.

DD has access to a box of higher level books and can also take books from the school library, although she doesn't very often and will bring the same book (which we know she can read but she won't read) home for weeks. She seems happy enough reading catalogues and leaflets for now, and does occasionally find a book she loves, but I think given her age and reading level it's best just to let them read what they want to. I think DD would be able to read a Roald Dahl or similar book in the sense that she could read the words, but at her age she isn't ready for following the plot over the length of the book or dealing with some of the 'scary' bits, so we're happy just to be led by her.

Incidentally, it's interesting to me that since she started learning phonics her reading has slipped a little because she's trying to apply the phonics rules she is being taught to words that are not phonetic and she could previously read with no problem; she now somtimes has two attempts at words she once just read. I'm sure it will sort itself out, but it's interesting to me at least smile

simpson Mon 09-Dec-13 18:05:14

DD is now in yr1 but started reception last year already able to read well.

She was on stage 10 (white) for ages and then she did the same as your DD is doing for the last term in reception as the teacher felt she was not mature enough to cope with the higher level books.

DD loved reading a variety of different books and boy, am I hearing about it now DD is back on school scheme books ie she hates them!

Frikadellen Tue 10-Dec-13 08:30:40

OMG Blinking KISS that teacher. ORT books are AWFUL and at least for my youngest dd who had heard them a gazillion time with 3 older siblings they have been really working against us getting her to read. It was not until this year and Y5 with a teacher who said stuff this we will read what she wants to read we suddenly have movement.

I LOVE it when I see teachers who has some common sense and responds to the need of each child.

Periwinkle007 Tue 10-Dec-13 09:32:22

it sounds sensible to me.

these are some 'normal' books which have been leveled at 6 or 7 if it helps you at all.

Book Band 6 – Orange

Annie Rose is my Little Sister – Shirley Hughes
Mr Pod and Mr Picalilli – Penny Dolan
Peace at Last – Jill Murphy
This is the Bear – Sarah Hayes

Book Band 7 – Turquoise

The Elephant and the Bad Baby – Elfrida Vipont
The Fish Who Could Wish – John Bush
Funnybones – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Mog and the Baby – Judith Kerr
Mr Tubs is Lost – Bel Mooney
My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes – Eve Sutton
A Squash and a Squeeze – Julia Donaldson
Sleep Tight Little Bear – Martin Waddell

OwlCat Tue 10-Dec-13 12:55:49

Thanks for all of your replies, we do seem to have a great teacher, DD loves her smile

Periwinkle, many thanks for the list of books, that's really helpful.

BarbarianMum Tue 10-Dec-13 13:38:23

The thing with reading schemes is that they have quite a limited vocab and style. It's quite usual at our school for children to be introduced to 'real' books at around orange level - keeps up interest, introduces new styles of text and structure, new vocab etc.

It can be quite easy for a child who can read up to gold on, say, ORT but then struggle with ordinary children's books. IMO the wider the mix of stuff they are reading (once they've mastered the basics) the better.

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