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Bristol Grammar School

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DaHonka Sat 07-Dec-13 22:29:53

Hi all,

I have been going through the whole select your school lottery, and have started looking at Bristol Grammar school as an option.
I will going for a look around shortly and assuming its as nice as I have read will look to put my little girl in for the reception assessment in January, is there anyone out there who has little ones at BGS who could give me any honest feedback on how they are getting on and what I can expect from assessment.

Thanks in advance

QueenofWhatever Sun 08-Dec-13 14:01:31

My daughter is looking to start there next year in Year 5 and I like what I've seen; good facilites, high academic standards and friendly. I think you would get more responses if you ask MNHQ to put this in the local Briatol section.

FatOwl Mon 09-Dec-13 10:28:34

I had a friend who taught there in the 1990s.
from a staff point of view there was a exceptionally heavy workload (more than the state school she had come from), management who pandered to demanding parents and didn't support the staff, and poor PD.

Quite a while ago now though, could have changed significantly.

3asAbird Mon 09-Dec-13 18:26:14

I do know someone who moved their 2 kids from silver hill outskirts bristol to bristol grammar and been very happy with it and they were both ks1.

Its slap bang in centre? are you looking just at independent or state too.

due to awful traffic and buses in bristol consider where you live and how easy to get too.

Independent sector bristol has loads of choice bristol grammar is much more academic and harder than say clifton high.

Also heard good things about colstons lower school.

DaHonka Sun 15-Dec-13 14:09:56

Thanks for all the replies, I have managed to get meetings setup to look round, Clifton High school, Bristol Grammar School and also Colstons all in early January, if you would like to know my thoughts please let me know and I will post after each visit.


givemeaclue Mon 16-Dec-13 09:27:09

Make sure if you are starting independent school in reception you can fund the full 14 years, I worked out it would be £250k for my two at bristol grammar for their education. Had reception places there but moved house instead in the end. Clifton high easier to get into. I know someone who has bee askedto remove their reception child from bgs at end of this term, not bright enough. They have older sibling who is doing well there though.
Also consider clifton college they take all abilities.
Torwood house is a friendly school for all abilities too but only up to 11.

Good luck!

OrganixAddict Fri 17-Jan-14 11:52:18

Hi DaHonka - if you are still around on this thread would l love to know your thoughts on the schools you've visited (will be making primary school choice next year).

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