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Effective reading interventions

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aroomofherown Fri 06-Dec-13 19:04:04

I've posted on secondary but I think there may be more expertise here. I need to implement a reading intervention program for secondary students who have a delay in their reading.

What you you advise and why? And can anyone point me in the direction of some studies/research?

Many thanks

maizieD Sat 07-Dec-13 12:53:53

^ Kevin Wheldall is promoting his own Multilit (TM) programme. Which may or may not also work. But he is profiting from it, so it is in his interest to promote his own programme and 'talk down' another.^

I sometimes think that comments like this are bordering on the libellous!

Prof. Wheldall is a cognitive psychologist; a discipline which believes in using scientific research principles. Among the scientific principles is that of not hanging onto a theory, however attached you are to it, if the experimental data which results from testing that theory indicates that your theory is wrong. He is hardly likely to be bringing his own name, and that of his profession, into disrepute by promoting an unevidenced and ineffective programme for financial gain. Nor, as a reputable scientist, would he be in the business of denigrating other programmes if they were proven to be effective.

Reading Recovery is very expensive and not particularly effective. The very fact that they claim to be able to remediate 'the hardest to teach' and then end up not being able to teach getting on for a quarter (their figure of 23% 'referred on' is amazingly consistent) of those children (surely the truly 'hardest to teach') speaks volumes. All they really do is pick the low hanging fruit.

ClayDavis Sat 07-Dec-13 13:22:58

Phonics International is a great resource. If you do use it Debbie Hepplewhite will often answer any questions you might have or provide help on the PI forums.

mrz Sat 07-Dec-13 13:23:02

Agreed maizieD probably over the border of libellous

and just for the record MULTILIT, (or ‘Making Up Lost Time in Literacy’) is a research-based initiative of Macquarie University , which aims to address the needs of students with reading disabilities and similar problems from Year 2 to high school by providing an intensive, structured, systematic program of instruction in reading and related skills carried out within a Positive Teaching environment.

aroomofherown Sat 07-Dec-13 16:37:54

Ah ok, lovely. I know Macquarie Uni quite well (I'm from Sydey - might have just outed myself!) so that intervention is particularly interesting to me and will look that up too.

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