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This will be my DD's third school in less than a year?

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howlingcow Sat 07-Dec-13 23:30:10

Didn't realise I had replies to this! Thanks so much for replying-great to see such positivity as we have now informed the schools involved that she is moving and she's actually looking forward to it!!!

eden263 Tue 03-Dec-13 23:17:31

DS1 went to 3 schools in under 6 months when he was in Reception because he started school in the September, I split from my EXH at New Year and we moved to my Grandma's temporarily 150 miles away, until I found a place of my own in a different town. He didn't seem too phased by it, other than obviously being a bit upskittled about leaving our home/his friends/his dad. The 3 schools thing didn't worry him as, like you, he was part of the discussion process and in the loop as much as poss. You already know and like the school and she wants to go, and you can presumably have a chat with the new school to calm your fears before you make the decision? I would do it. See if you can co-ordinate the move with a new (half) term to make it more of a clear line between ending one and starting the other. Good luck!

CrispyFB Tue 03-Dec-13 23:08:45

DD1 went to three schools in a year when she was in Y1 as we moved house start of the year, and sat on a waiting list for six months at a school in our new area until the school we were waiting for just round the corner had a place.

She coped completely fine which amazed me, as she's generally quite resistant to change. I probably found it harder going having to cope with a new set of playground mothers each time. You know it's a good school if they go out of their way to make new children feel welcome, and they did this at both of her new schools.

Frikadellen Mon 02-Dec-13 11:22:19

As long as she is happy and supported then I say go forit. My now 14 year old had similar due to us moving her from infant school who would not deal w her dyslexia us then having to move to oyher coubty and her going to spend time in Denmark with my sister. She managed fine as she felt part of the decisions. Now lokks back on her time in Denmark as her best time ever.

howlingcow Sun 01-Dec-13 23:07:56

Am I doing the right thing? I moved all my children from our local primary school-it started off with my eldest begging me to move her (she was in Yr 5) as she became very unhappy there-looked into bullying and it wasn't that-I think she was picking up on the negative vibes running through a staff that were horrible to eachother and a school that was failing miserably! DD2 followed in the next term as her teacher was extremely negative towards her and she also wanted to go. Both girls flourished in their new school which was also fairly local. I took DD3 out and homeschooled her as there was no place in the Yr 1 class at the same school and I didn't want her staying and going into the class of the negative teacher-that was fine then a friend suggested another school (10mins away) with only 46 children-a lovely school where she's happy. DD1 goes to high school next year and I am now considering moving DD2 to the same school as DD3-I've spoken to her and she says she wants to go as she knows girls there from Brownies and is very close to her little sister, but is it healthy for her to move to a 3rd school in less than a year? She's very bright (on gifted + talented thing) and seems to adjust well but I'm so worried about making a mistake and her becoming unhappy!!! Sorry for going on!!!!

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