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Moving out of area temporarily

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HarrietVaneAgain Thu 07-Nov-13 21:04:45

Hello hoping someone can advise me. My husband has been offered a temp job in another part of the country. Not sure if it will lead to anything longer term but would like to apply for schools in our current house as we will still be here on the 15th of Jan and (probably) back in Sept. For most of the intervening period however we will be away and a colleague has luckily agreed to rent our house in the meantime.

I tried to explain this to the admissions people at the council but they didn't seem to get what I was asking. Does anyone know if there will be any problems with doing this? Thanks.

tiggytape Fri 08-Nov-13 07:25:32

You will be applying from your home address on January 15th or before.
And you will be home in September to start school
But between the two you will be away?

It depends on when you leave and your LA rules. If you leave after a place has been offered (April) then they cannot take the place away from you because you haven't cheated in anyway and you are free to move where you want. If however you move between January and offers day, you will have to check the council or admissions authority's rules about which address they will use and which dates a change of address applies from.

Normally people have the opposite problem - moving to a new house after January and desperare for the council to use their new address not the old one (which some councils will up to a set date). You will have to tell the council your new address of course so you need to go through their admissions booklet and ask to speak to someone in admissions at the council (not just the front desk staff who field most calls)

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