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Schools and community in Welwyn Garden City

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Prettyflamingo1 Tue 05-Nov-13 21:24:03

Hello, am new to Mumsnet and wondered if anyone could help with a question. We are in London and thinking of relocating to Welwyn Garden City for cheaper house prices. We've seen a lovely house in Chambers Grove, which is on the East side, near Woodhall and Hatfield Hyde areas, which is in our price range, but although we love the house and street it's on, the surrounding area looks a bit 'councilly' or 'chavvy' (apologies for anyone who lives there) and we are worried as we don't know the area at all. Can anyone offer any advice about these areas? Is it a little bit rough, as it looked, or are we just being silly? Really not trying to cause offence, just making a big move and want to get it right. Have looked up Holwell School and Creswick and both have good ofsted reports, so we are happy with that. Secondaries will be a problem, but we will cross that bridge later. It's really just that the area looked a little run down that worried us.

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