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Blackheath Prep and Nursery - thoughts?

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lolalight Tue 05-Nov-13 10:14:09

Hi all,

We're considering Blackheath Prep for DS - from older posts some people have said it's quite pushy / academic and I wondered if anyone had any recent experience of it - ie how does the fact that it's academic manifest itself? Also do children tend to get tutors in addition to classwork / homework to get into other schools at 7, 8 or 11? Any thoughts gratefully received - or tips on preparation we can do for the entrance test for our LO. Thanks!

snowsjoke Wed 06-Nov-13 22:23:03

I have friends with children at BP and it isn't pushy at all really. Lots of creative and musical stuff going on, great after school clubs and that lovely large field for playing on. They are very good at getting the 'average' kids through the entrance exams for independant secondary schools and the higher flyers pull in scholarship places. Maybe not so successful with the grammar school exams - most people tutor from year 5 apparently. The teaching is very good and imo it seems to be the best independent school around the area hence the stiff competition for places.

For the assessment, look on Mumteachers 4+,5+,7+ thread - general stuff on there applies.

lolalight Thu 07-Nov-13 16:34:02

thank you - that's good to hear - it's hard to get a complete picture from open days / prospectus etc...although the grounds are undeniably gorgeous.

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