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Fuzzymum1 Sun 03-Nov-13 20:23:19

I'm currently filling in a job application for a TA post. It's asking for my employment history which isn't a huge amount recently as I have been mostly a SAHM since my eldest was born almost 20 years ago. The headteacher knows me as I have volunteered a lot at the school so I'm not sure how far back I need to go. Do I need to go back all the way to leaving school in 1987?

Also how far back do I go for education? Primary school? and it says what qualifications that are relevant to the job. I don't have many qualifications other than O'levels etc but I'm not sure what else to put.

tinytalker Sun 03-Nov-13 21:43:29

It is usual to start with your exam results at GCSE/O'Level and any qualifications after that. If you are worried there are long gaps then put in a Relevant Experience section where you can list raising your family, baby-sitting, voluntary work in school etc. I would also put in any skills/hobbies that might be relevant eg are you arty, crafty, can you sew (schools plays costumes!) are you good at cooking etc.
In your statement it might help to list your personal qualities that might make you ideal for the role e.g. calm nature, patience, good humour, good grasp of English lang & grammar, good spelling, good maths skills etc.
Hope this helps a little?
Best of luck.

Fuzzymum1 Sun 03-Nov-13 22:28:07

Thank you, I know the headteacher really well - We've worked together as governors since she was employed about 6 years ago and I've done various voluntary things at school - it's just really hard putting it all down on paper, LOL.

Ferguson Sun 03-Nov-13 22:58:55

Hi -
Yes, agree with tt - go back to secondary school exams, and training, jobs, courses, experience since then. Don't have any 'gaps' in dates, and cheat a little bit to fill in any gaps. Don't be afraid to 'sell' yourself. If you've been a mum for 20 years that's pretty good experience! (I been a dad 30 years, and still fuss over DS!)

Also first-aid training, knowledge of 'safeguarding' etc.

In hobbies, music and sport also useful.

I started a as parent helper, then was TA for twelve years, and more voluntary helper when I retired. One of my first Yr1 'readers' turned up again 17 years later on her final year of Teacher Training!

Good luck, and enjoy!

tinytalker Sun 03-Nov-13 23:05:00

Being a Governor shows you have a good working relationships with the staff at the school, you care about the pupils and the quality of their education, you have a good insight into the running of the school and you appreciate the hard work of all the staff at the school and you want to be a part of that... grin Job's yours!

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