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Kensal Rise/Queen's Park- state schools (or private)

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neema1 Wed 23-Oct-13 11:57:54

Hi all

We are trying to pick between two potential houses- one is on Clifford Gardens, Kensal and the other is on Glengall Road, just east of QP. We don't yet have kids but are hoping to stay in either house for at least 10 years and have kids in that time. We like both areas but are trying to think long term about the diffs and access to good state education might be one.

We don't yet know if we can afford private schools. Is either of these locations better for state schools? If someone has some information on this I would really appreciate it!

Also in terms of private schools, presumably that makes less of a diff on picking between these two locations.

Help gratefully received!!

OsmiumPhazer Thu 24-Oct-13 19:56:03

Princess Frederica (CofE) is close to Clifford Rd and Mallories another good school is not too far. However I would add, relax. Why are you concerning yourself with schools if you have not had any children yet?
Finally if you want your (future) child to attend a faith school, start attending a Church now!

dinkystinky Thu 24-Oct-13 21:45:47

No chance of getting in Mallorees unless you live on its doorstep. Glengall rd - local primary school is Salisbury Primary school - lots of the local kids go there. Its a huge school but a real community school with v involved pta - real mix of kids go there including refugees and kids from v monied local families. Had a difficult few years but on the up. Over at Clifford Gardens, you're looking at the new Ark academy or Princess Frederica, but you need to be a v active church goer to go to the latter. Lots of people from round here send kids to private schools - Maple walk, west London preps or Hampstead preps.

dinkystinky Thu 24-Oct-13 21:47:07

PS lots of bakerloo trains terminate at Queens Park station - don't forget to factor that into your decision!

CorkandFelt Thu 24-Oct-13 22:12:53

It's hard to say if your children haven't been conceived yet ... schools can change a lot in 5 years.

On the KR side you have Princess Frederica if you are a C of E churchgoer, or the former Kensal Rise primary school, which had problems in the past and has now been taken over by Ark Academies. It could be very different in five years.

On the QP side there is Salusbury primary, which has not been popular with Ofsted but plenty of families are happy with it. There is a Muslim primary on Salusbury Road.

Malorees would probably be too far from either of those houses based on current admissions stats, but that varies year by year.

If you want to look at private schools, Maple Walk School is fairly near and costs less than most private schools.

dinkystinky Fri 25-Oct-13 20:58:11

Also, the right school depends on your child, their temperament and ability to learn - you're going to have to wait till your child comes along before deciding on schools.

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