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4yo bedwetting suddenly - linked to starting Reception?

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MummytoMog Wed 23-Oct-13 11:00:47

My summer born, speech delayed four year old started Reception in September. She's pretty vocal about wanting to go back to Nursery in the morning, but other than that seems fairly happy there. Only problem is she won't drink much during the day or use their toilets, they have to take her to the Nursery toilets a few times a day instead (there is a loud hand dryer in the Reception loos which scares the bejeesus out of her). But she does go happily. She's been potty trained since she was 3.5, and dry at night since about March, with the odd bedwetting incident if she's drunk a lot before bed, or if she's not been to the loo before bed. She's wet the bed every night for the last three days, which is really unusual for her. She doesn't seem dehydrated or otherwise unwell, but she had nothing to drink for an hour before bed last night, went to the loo before bed and was still wet this morning. Doctor isn't interested because she isn't running a temperature so he thinks she isn't likely to have cystitis or anything like that.

A colleague mentioned that her son is wetting more often, and she thinks it's because he's tired having started reception? Has anyone else experienced this? I wondered if maybe lifting her in the night might help? I'm really loathe to go back to pull ups (DH's preferred option) but I can't face changing her bed every night as she's in a double and it's a lot of washing. We use bed mats, normally under the sheet, but now going to put them on top of the sheet in an effort to avoid changing sheets as well, but this morning she just lay in it, so her duvet was soaked too. She doesn't really talk well enough for us to discuss it, she just told me she had a little accident with no more comment then that.

pointyfangs Wed 23-Oct-13 11:33:52

If she's only been dry at night since March I'd say yes, it's due to starting Reception. The very young ones do get extremely tired, and it is very likely that she is simply sleeping much more deeply than usual. Since her being dry at night is so recent, it's probably not quite secure yet and her body chemistry needs time to adjust. She will get used to it and not be so tired in time, and things will go back to normal. I agree with just going back to the bed mats and not making a big issue of it.

MummytoMog Wed 23-Oct-13 11:41:29

Hopefully she'll catch up on sleep during half term! She is a knackered wee thing at the minute, she goes to after school club two nights a week and often falls asleep there.

rowrowrowtheboat Wed 23-Oct-13 11:51:23

I have this too, I posted about this a few weeks ago. Whether anxiety about starting school, or just more tired, we are still waiting for things to return to normal. We got some different pull ups that she is wearing at night, and she is accepting of it, but she starting to ask not to wear them again. We went to ullups as er duvet was regularly getting wet, and it s nt something I can wash at home.

DD ges a sticker if her drinks bottle has had a lot taken from it to encourage her to drink in the day, and I have brought tea earlier in the evening in the hope we can influence the last wee of te day being here bed.

My experience of lifting was poor. She used to wet around 6am, but when I started lifting, she would wet between 9 and 10pm, as if she was expecting it. I have stopped lifting, and just going to bide our time.

I'm interested in any other tips.

spudpudding Wed 23-Oct-13 11:59:11

My son was wetting at night when he started school, I spoke to my health visitor who said it was a sign he was unsettled poss lasted a week or two and then stopped.

If you don't think that she is drinking enough during the day I would speak to the school, could they provide paper towels in the loos?

I used the bed mats on his bed until it stopped. Try not to talk about it too much, but she does need to be aware, my niece was a wetter for some time and the clinic she attended said that they had to talk to her about it, to make sure that she was aware of what is going on.

MummytoMog Wed 23-Oct-13 12:39:05

They don't make her use the hand dryer, but she knows it's there and is scared of it. They're doing a load of role play with a Peppa doll, to show her Peppa using the loo. I really need to pop in and speak to them again, but they don't like random conversations at the school gate! Stickers do work well for her as a motivation, so I'll see if they will do that for me.

She got hideously dehydrated a week or so ago and I had to pour liquids into her, because obviously her wee was painful and she then wouldn't go or drink. Or poo. Not a pleasant couple of days.

I can wash her duvet, but it's SUCH a pain. I think we may use blankets for a while, they're easier to clean and we have a lot of them.

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