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Windlesham House School

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Superstar1234 Tue 22-Oct-13 15:59:56

Hello there...

I am very new to this way of communicating, but I guess it does work as so many of you use this site. After a lot of research, my hb and I are considering sending our two DS ( aged 10 & 11) to Windlesham House near Findon. I live in London and have friends in Fulham who have children at the school who are very impressed.

I would be keen to hear from any current parents and specifically about the quality of care in the boys boarding house. I am sure the boys would be fine, but I am just very nervous about them boarding and a little reassurance would go along way.

Sorry, I hope this does not sound too pathetic. Yes, I have visited the school and was very impressed. yes, I have read the other comments on this site...but most of them are a few years old and I would like some current feedback.

goinggetstough Tue 22-Oct-13 19:07:09

Sorry I am an old parent but as no one else has come along yet I thought it would help bump your post up!!!
My DS was a full boarder from age 8 and we lived abroad. We were very happy with the boys' boarding and the school. The communication between school and home was excellent then and we have friends who still have DCs at the school and they say the same.
Hopefully a more current parent will be along soon.....

StripeyCircle Fri 22-Nov-13 10:58:55

My DS has recently started there as a full boarder and he's loving it.The staff are great and he's thriving, which he really wasn't at his last school (which is why we sent him here). His only complaint about the dorms is that the other boys are too messy!!!
Good luck.

Superstar1234 Sun 24-Nov-13 14:28:27

Thank you StripeCircle.

Not all worried about the other messy boys...sounds normal to me! Just glad to hear the staff are great!

Deedles2000 Sun 01-Dec-13 12:49:55

We live overseas and our DS is 11 and just started at Windlesham House (WHS) in September. We couldn't be happier. Although he is occasionally homesick, he is doing so well. The staff there are wonderful. Even the kids are so supportive of each other. DS is also doing much better on the academic side, which is why we made the tough choice to send him so far away so that he could be pushed just enough to fulfill his potential. Now we are just trying to pick the next school which is very tough especially as we are quite late in the process for Sept 2015, we have been working hard on that. You will not regret sending your DC's to WHS. We now plan on sending our DD when she's old enough.

Superstar1234 Wed 04-Dec-13 19:04:04

Thank you so much for that Deedles! My DS chose 3 schools to trial at ..and the unanimous vote was Windlesham. The boys loved the boarding house staff..said they made them feel welcome. We have signed both of our DS up for a September 2014 start. They can't wait!

There were lots of parents touring when we arrived to pick up the boys. The admissions lady told us some year groups were already full for the next academic year.....eeeeekkkk..lucky we are registered.

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