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Average kids - do they get lost in the middle?

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shebird Thu 17-Oct-13 16:59:18

My DD is in Y5 and in the average ability group in her year. Her levels are on target or maybe just above in some areas. My concern is that because she is neither in the the top or bottom groups she is not being pushed or helped to go that bit extra. She is happy coasting along but I feel she is sort of drowning in the middle and worry she could fall behind. I know she could achieve more with some encouragement at school and I do my best at home. Do average kids who are quiet and compliant just get drowned out by everyone else? How do I address this with the school without sounding like a crazy pushy mum? Perhaps a question for teachers or those who have similar experience.

babasheep Mon 21-Oct-13 11:12:02

Funny thing is even my 10 yr old s noticed that that is happening in her class. Last Friday she told me that in her maths class the children at her table were just left on their own doing whatever. The teachers are pushing one group of children to L5 and the other group of children to reach L3 as they are still at L2. So the L4b /c are not getting much or any attention. It kind of worrys me! As the school seems to only care about their position in the league table.

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