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Radnor House v. Rowan?

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Justatiredmum Tue 15-Oct-13 10:11:47

Hi all
I am in the oh so joyful position of having a boy who will sit the 13+ pre-test next year for entry into senior school and a girl who will sit the 7+ test for entry into prep school so this is registration time in our household. My head is swimming with schools and confusion right now. For my boy, I have had some advice from his head (and this forum). For my girl, who is only five just now, the school won't give us a steer until the summer as obviously it is very hard to tell at what level she is at, but there are a number of schools, including Radnor House and Rowan Hill (in Claygate), where it pays off ti register early, so I am looking at both now.
Radnor is closer to us, but untested. Rowan is (much) further out but reasonably close to my son's school and has an excellent reputation.
I visited Rowan and liked what I saw, and have booked to visit Radnor soon, but I was wondering whether anyone has direct experience of either - particularly Radnor - that they'd care to share?

Elibean Tue 15-Oct-13 12:53:34

Only that I took my 10 year old to Radnor's open day recently - she loved it, but especially commented on the Junior School classes, which she thought her little sister would enjoy. She won't, as it happens, because she's very happy in her primary (which is far closer to us), but I could see her point - it's a small school, and as such has a safe, family feel to it that some children will definitely thrive in. I'm not sure whether we will choose it at Secondary level for dd1, but if I were looking for a private Junior school I would definitely consider it - go look smile

Justatiredmum Wed 16-Oct-13 14:09:43

Thanks Elibean, that's interesting. I'll go and have a look with an open mind. Out of curiosity, why wouldn't you choose it as a secondary school, if it's not asking too much?

ercoldesk Wed 16-Oct-13 14:18:57

I could be a year out, but I think that by the time your DS sits the pre-test the school will have it's first set of results. A few children sat languages GCSEs early this year, and all got A*.

Do visit, it is a lovely school, and I have only heard positive things about it. They are very focussed on success for the school, and are up for an indie schools award this year - on top of an Outstanding Ofsted.

ferrerorocher01 Tue 25-Feb-14 14:20:25

You can't judge a school by a handful of kids who are fluent in a language getting an A* in their GCSE.

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