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Parents Evening Grief

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NikitaWhoWillNeverKnow Thu 10-Oct-13 18:27:13

Why are school giving me and my DS such a guilt trip because I refuse to go to parents eve?

They haven't even asked me why I won't go.

I'm in the playground twice a day. If there was a problem they could approach me then.

I know, more or less, his levels.

But all this talking doesn't help me or DS.

Why do they want me to go to this meeting?

And why are they guilt tripping my DS?

There are lots of reasons why I won't go. All of them to do with me being very unhappy with the school.

The HT has offered me a meeting but I don't want that either.

nennypops Mon 14-Oct-13 10:15:55

I think you need to tell the school you will attend a meeting if they agree that it will proceed on the basis of your agenda, and send them an agenda listing your concerns with a final item for discussion about what they are going to do about it. You should go with an advocate - possibly a volunteer from the Dyslexia Association or an organisation like SOS SEN, or a paid advocate like Fiona Slomovic - who can take notes and can firmly keep them to the point. Afterwards the advocate should in effect write the minutes and an agreed action plan and send it to the school. That way, you may feel you have achieved something positive from the meeting and the school cannot say that you are not engaging with them. And from that point onwards you can firmly hold them to the action plan.

MrsTruper Mon 14-Oct-13 19:42:58

sounds like a nightmare school you poor are probably tired out from trying......I would skip it all and start fresh in secondary....

Hulababy Mon 14-Oct-13 19:51:21

I work in a school and the expectation is that the class teacher must meet with every parent for parent's evening.
If an appointment isn't made by the parent the teacher is expected to chase this up and get one made, even if it is at a different time/day.
If a parent doesn't show then the teacher is expected to chase this up and make a new appointment.
The HT expects this of the teacher, and for the teacher to do all necessary chasing. If it really is a no go then the HT will take over and chase further.

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