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Do the teachers already know the 11+ results?

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Rooners Thu 03-Oct-13 10:22:44

Someone said that the school already has the results, but isn't allowed to let us know.

Is this true? If so, does anyone know which staff actually know and which don't - I'm not being funny, and shan't go and demand to be told or anything (I'm quite happy to wait) but I am not sure whether this person is telling the truth, and I'm intrigued as to how it all works.


Rooners Thu 03-Oct-13 10:23:31

Basically I'm embarrassed if they know he didn't pass, already. That's all.

PastSellByDate Thu 03-Oct-13 10:55:28

Hi Rooners:

I know that schools are informed, but whether they're informed well in advance of parents/ pupils or not, I'm afraid I simply don't know.

I suspect that scores are released (? electronically) to schools around the time they post results, maybe just before.

At our school (single form) about 1/3 of students sit the 11+ and maybe 2-3 (sometimes 5-6 in 'good' years) get in. Last year only 1 student got into a grammar and there were easily 8 - 10 disappointed children - so they are very aware that children work incredibly hard for this, feel the pressure and also get their hopes up about going to a grammar school - and, in the main, I find they are very understanding and tend to focus on the positives of a situation - that all the study will be a benefit at the local comprehensive, that it has resulted in a clear improvement in reading/ maths/ etc... which will be evident in KS2 SATs, etc....


standwellback Thu 03-Oct-13 11:05:07

I am pretty sure that they are not told much in advance of the parents. I think the aim is to tell parents as quickly as possible so that they can make informed secondary school choices. It just would not make sense that the school would know well in advance - I would say that it would be a couple of days at most. But doubtless someone will be able to give us the inside scoop soon!

singinggirl Thu 03-Oct-13 11:40:59

If you are in Kent, the headteachers already have the results, but they are not allowed to give them out yet. The teachers themselves will not necessarily know though. It is because round here only about 80% of places are given out based on the scores. The other 20%ish are given out on headteachers appeals, which happen between now and results day. This works by local headteachers meeting together and looking at the work of 'near misses' to decide who should have a place but didn't perform to the highest standard on the day of the exam. This also acts as a safety net for those children who have recently had a trauma etc. For example, at a school I used to teach in,we had a girl whose mother died two months before the eleven plus. Using her previous work, test scores etc, it was quite clear that she was a high flyer currently struggling with grief, and she got her place.

You will only know if your child passes or fails though - there is no difference made between those who get in on score alone and those who are appealed for.

Obviously if you are not in Kent this may not apply!

tiggytape Thu 03-Oct-13 11:45:28

In some areas the 11+ process is very tied into the local primary schools eg in Kent as singinggirl says where the Head can actually influence final outcome.

In other areas, the 11+ is an opt-in system and only a few children from each primary school will sit it. In some of these areas, the primary schools absolutely refuse to get involved at all so I doubt that they would even know who had taken the test (the parents paply direct and the tests are on a Saturday at the grammar schools) let alone what the outcomes were.

pooka Thu 03-Oct-13 11:50:10

I have friends who have had their dcs sit the kent test, though we live outside Kent. The Kent test results are definitely with the schools now, but parents not told. Given that the schools are not in Kent, I'm not sure whether the school would get at all involved in appeals/re-jigging. But I expect Kent just automatically send results to all primaries regardless of whether in county or outside.

singinggirl Thu 03-Oct-13 11:53:30

For those applying from outside Kent, they would normally be looking at the super selectives, where a pass would not be enough, so there would be no value in HT appeals. In West Kent roughly 25% of children go to Grammar schools, so it is here it is more relevant.

Rooners Thu 03-Oct-13 12:15:45

Oh thankyou - sorry, had to go out.

Some interesting replies...thanks ever so much for explaining. So the HT will know, and then they can appeal questionable results between now and when we get the result?

This is a bit of a worry because we have a brand new HT, and how are they going to know what our children are normally like?

Also I thought that parents were told the actual marks last year, so how would that work with their not knowing whether their child had got through on score alone?

Maybe they were just told if they had a high enough score for the super selective...I'm not sure.

flakjacket Thu 03-Oct-13 12:24:17

Rooners - why don't you head over to the eleven plus forum? You can find your region and all the info will be there.

singinggirl Thu 03-Oct-13 12:25:17

Realised I put West Kent, no East Kent is where 25% go to grammar. You can get the marks later by asking the Head, but your official notification only says 'suitable for grammar/high school'. Last years books will have been kept, plus schools track pupil's progress and can use optional SATs scores, CAT tests, work they have done this term etc. Many parents will brag about marks etc, but the grammar schools themselves make their own judgements and don't think about scores when setting etc.

curlew Thu 03-Oct-13 12:30:54

The schools have the results about a week in advance- they need them so that the Head teacher's appeals can go through.

Just don't catch anyone's eye!

Rooners Thu 03-Oct-13 12:50:19

Thankyou <waves at Curlew> smile

Flak, I looked in there the other day and was terrified. They've all been feeding their children cacao nuts and fish for months. All we did was a few test papers blush

But thanks for the link anyway, I might brave it if only for the information on offer!

If they look at his books then that's not great. His writing is atrocious. However he was convinced he had redeemed himself with the written paper, which he says he wrote LOADS on, so I did wonder if they might look at that if he manages to scrape near to the pass mark.

Suffolkgirl1 Thu 03-Oct-13 21:16:31

It varies, in my area, essex there is a box on the application form for the 11 plus for you to say whether you want your primary school informed of the result or not. As my DC's headteacher was anti 11 plus we said no, so the school never got the result.

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