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kiwigirl2013 Wed 02-Oct-13 08:24:34

Hello, I am recently separated and planning to start a new life with DS (aged 10) and DD(aged 7) next summer in time for the new academic year. I used to live in London but I have chosen Guildford because of its proximity to airports as father lives abroad.... I am looking for a good state or private school and have no idea about the area. I am happy to rent to begin with. My son has had language problems and needs a smaller, nurturing school and I would both children to be able to go to the same school (coed). I moved out of the UK 7 years ago and children currently in a lovely catholic school although we are not catholic. Perhaps having a catholic feeder school may be an advantage? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Labro Wed 02-Oct-13 08:51:32

Private may be difficult as most around Guildford for the age your son will be are single sex and many pre test for 13+ or do the 11+ in the earlier part of the year. Search the independent schools directory and ring round. With regard to state schools for both of them, they will be in different schools as your son would be moving to Secondary school and your daughter would be in a junior or primary school. Where they go would depend on which schools have spaces as you would be classed as an in year admission as the normal dates for applying will have passed (think its October for secondary and January for junior but not sure) its worth contacting Surrey County Council for advice, the application process starts when you have an address in the area. It also depends on when your childrens birthdays are, as that determines which school year they are in. Hope that helps a little.

Unexpected Wed 02-Oct-13 23:07:02

If you are not Catholic, you will find it difficult to get them into a Catholic state primary as there is a shortage of school places in general and the Catholic schools are oversubscribed.

Madasabox Thu 03-Oct-13 07:40:43

Also without wishing to be negative most of the good state schools in Guildford are massively oversubscribed. I have a friend who has just moved down that way and has ended up in Haslemere instead as she just couldn't see getting into a good state school in Guildford. The good state secondary is George Abbot and you need to live close by to get in. I am not sure which of the juniors are near by that are good - Boxgrove?

springrain Sat 05-Oct-13 16:52:50

Two smaller coed schools in that area are St Peters (Catholic) in Guildford which has 6 forms of entry and The Priory in Dorking (CoE) which has 5 forms of entry. St Peters admitted children from other faiths last year. The Priory also admitted a number of children under its last admissions category last year which does not require any faith.

As you are moving from overseas you need to look at SCC's info on their website for overseas applicants, as they do make some allowance for parents returning from overseas at the main admissions points - so Y7 for your son. They have info on their website on this here. This basically says you can apply for a Y7 place for your son from overseas but the address to use would be your current address until you move.

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