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Does anyone know Solihull schools?

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mollysmum82 Tue 24-Sep-13 18:33:57

Hello, we're moving to Solihull in 3 weeks and we'll be in catchment for dorridge infants, Bentley Heath and st George st Teresa. There are nursery places in all 3 luckily and we'll be there just in time to apply for a reception place for dd next year. I just wanted to know if anyone had heard anything about any of these schools?

Thanks so much

rowrowrowtheboat Tue 24-Sep-13 22:23:16

In my opinion, all 3 are good, if you can, get a visit for all, and see which one feels right to you as they all have a slightly different slant / view. I can pm you more if you wish, or give some details on whats on in the area.

Dancingdreamer Thu 26-Sep-13 00:30:31

Dorridge infants good and lovely modern building but junior school recently got disappointing Ofsted.

St George and St Teresa Catholic, small with generally good reports. Low profile compared to other schools.

Bentley Heath good for children with SEN but friend was not happy with the school for her DC and moved to Dorridge.

If you can get in, St Alphege infants is fantastic in central Solihull. C of E school so need to go to church for that one.

mollysmum82 Thu 26-Sep-13 20:05:16

Thanks so much row. Thanks for your kind offer of sending you a pm, I've just done that.

mollysmum82 Thu 26-Sep-13 20:07:59

Thanks so much dancingdreamer, that's really helpful. I'll look at st alphege too. Do you know why your friend moved her kids?

Does anyone know which of these schools feed into Arden and which into Tudor grange ? I've heard these are both good, as well as St Peters?

Dancingdreamer Sat 28-Sep-13 22:58:22

She moved because did not feel teaching was focused and consistent. DC sent home with same reading book 3 times despite being clear in reading record that DC had already read that book.

Both Arden and Tudor Grange now academies. Arden give priority to children from Knowle and Dorridge feeder schools. Tudor Grange tried to change admissions policy to prioritise St Alphege pupils but this was dropped. However, it is clear they want St Alphege pupils as they are so far ahead of other comparable schools. St Peters well behind Arden and Tudor Grange in reputation and results. Be careful of Tudor Grange however. I can't say that true but rumours abound that less clever children not entered for GCSEs or problem kids sent home when OFSTED come in. Also kids there do well but don't actually seem to like the schooll. Opposite of Alderbrook where results aren't so strong but kids seem to love the school. Generally heard positive feedback about Arden.

If you have girls could also consider St Martins. Independent school with nice family atmosphere. Generally top performing school in Solihull despite not being selective. Very nuturing school. Solihull School also an option. Also independent but mixed. Has similar results to St Martin's but only takes at 7 and screens more heavily. Fabulous facilities.

Good luck with your decision.

mollysmum82 Fri 11-Oct-13 23:47:43

I've just seen your reply dancingdreamer, thanks ever so much! I really appreciate it.

mollysmum82 Thu 13-Mar-14 20:20:14

Thanks again for everyone's help. Dancingdreamer that's really interesting re Alderbrook and Tudor Grange. I might look into catchment for Alderbrook then - we're renting at the moment but want to buy this year. I love the idea of St Martins too - is there a good boy's equivalent for Ds?

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