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Oxford Reading Tree book level for year 1 National Literacy Strategy - help please

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indignatio Sat 24-Jun-06 06:20:09

My nephew has just brought home his report for year 1. I had always considered him an excellent reader (I don't have a child of his age as yet and so cannot make any comparisons) however he has been marked as "expected level for his age group". So I know whether or not I have rose tinted spectacles, could I do a quick straw poll as the ort book level your child is at/was at at the end of year 1

Many thanks

indignatio Sat 24-Jun-06 09:33:23

bump - please

tissy Sat 24-Jun-06 09:39:22

don't know, my dd is about to go into rimary 1, but maybe they've just tested up to the expected standard and not beyond?

tamum Sat 24-Jun-06 10:19:48

There's an old thread here that might help. Dd (I see from my post there) had finished level 9 and moved on to chapter books at this stage, along with about a quarter of the class. Because we're in Scotland the children would have been a bit older than the average English Year 1, but it was still their second year at school.

NotAnOtter Sat 24-Jun-06 10:24:06

My children were fabulous readers (no they were!) but thats the only thing in the world i am good at ( teaching wee ones to read)
TBH it all evens out over time as long as he is happy and enjoying reading he will do just great!

AbbyLou Sat 24-Jun-06 20:11:49

I teach Y1 and Y2 mixed and we usually set ourselves a benchmark of ORT Level 6 - the orange ones. We use many other reading schemes alongside ORT but we would expect a child reading at an average level for their age to be on Level 6 by the end of Year 1. Obviously this is not always the case but is quite a good indication.

NotAnOtter Sun 25-Jun-06 12:27:50

once on this thread years ago - someone directed me to a website with rough guidlines as to yeargroup and levels -anyone remember this???

GDG Sun 25-Jun-06 12:30:24

Abbylou - where are end of yr 1's generally on literacy land books - do you know?

GDG Sun 25-Jun-06 12:30:44

Oh I do notanotter - not sure if I can find it but will have a go!

trinityrhino Sun 25-Jun-06 12:32:07

dd1 wh is about to finish primary one is one the 2nd book of stage 6 ORT

trinityrhino Sun 25-Jun-06 12:32:48

that would be who and is on duuuh

GDG Sun 25-Jun-06 12:35:25

Here is an old thread with it on - see singersgirl post of 6th March at 18.19, I think that's the chart you mean!

here it is

roisin Sun 25-Jun-06 12:54:55

ORT reading ages
Of course it's an approximate guide. Loads of kids don't take off in their reading until yr2, but still become very capable, fluent readers.

NotAnOtter Sun 25-Jun-06 19:28:50

thankyou thats it!

robinpud Sun 25-Jun-06 19:42:53

I wouldn't worry about this. In my experience anything from not reading to stage 11 or 12 is quite reasonable for a child in year 1. They have been in school for such different lengths of time that the range is vast.

NotAnOtter Sun 25-Jun-06 19:55:59

has any one got anything that is not in notepad format?

indignatio Mon 26-Jun-06 06:07:07

thanks for all this info - I especially liked the table

AbbyLou Tue 27-Jun-06 21:02:04

I'm sorry we don't do Literacy Land so I can't help with that one.

tassi Sat 14-Jul-07 18:37:10

my Daughter is a stage 9 ort reader but if you want to find out more check out the oxfford reading tree web site,its great it will tell you everything you want to know and theres activities on there for your child to do too. Hope this helps

cba Sat 14-Jul-07 18:45:46

ds1 just finished year one and is on ort stage 13.

MummyWilliams Mon 16-Jul-07 05:17:41

indignatio - DD just about to finish YR1 she is on Stage 5 - which I believe is average. Take a look at this link

cba - your son must be doing very very well at that level.

sarah573 Mon 16-Jul-07 07:29:16

My son is finishing yr 1 on stage 4. My friends son who is the same age is also on stage 4.

cba- have you thought about contacting MENSA?!?! Your 5 year old has the reading age of a 10 year old WOW!!

singersgirl Mon 16-Jul-07 10:21:27

Don't think ORT reading books/reading ages are a very good guide to MENSA-worthyness! If they were, at least 7 of DS2's class would able to apply (not that I think being a member of MENSA would be much use to any of them....)

In DS2's Y1 class, 7 of the children are reading whatever they like (1 of these since Reception and 4 more since the start of Y1).

8 more are on levels 10 and above of the ORT.

There is another group of children reading levels 7 and 8.

Then another on levels 5 and 6.

Then a final group on levels 1-3.

singersgirl Mon 16-Jul-07 10:22:43

Have just realised this is a really old thread that has been revived for some reason.

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