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What can I do to help struggling new Yr1 DS

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my2bundles Sat 14-Sep-13 07:46:23

I wouldnt be worried by one lesson, you really didnt get a true picture of what was happening just looking thro a window. They might be spending time re enforcing what they learned last year, making sure they are confident in that before they move them on rather than move them to the next level and confuse them, otr they could still be assesing all the childrens abilities, it is only just the end of week 2 in school afterall. i would speak to the teacher before worrying.

freetrait Fri 13-Sep-13 23:37:05

Can he blend? Get him to blend out loud, then he can start writing phonetically- how are his letters?

Again just think that we are quite unusual in England getting them to read and write so young and it doesn't suit all. I know that's not that helpful as that's the system we are in. Just I was visited this Summer by my seven year old niece who can't do that much more than your son. No one is worried about her. That's normal where she is (in Sweden). She is very bright. I think they learn this year to read and write and then their progress is greatly accelerated from our kids due to being older (and partly language being a bit easier than English).

kiwidreamer Fri 13-Sep-13 23:19:11

He has always loved going to school, never asked not to go or been clingy. He can write his name easily and can copy any written text, not writing phonetically yet. Can order numbers to 20 and write 1 - 10 but would struggle 10 - 20, I could go on but not sure what is relevant really.

I'll keep up with the reading emphasis and move forward on ordering 10-20 plus written numbers, tho I really thought we had sorted that last yr.

The worksheet I saw was dinosaurs labled 1 - 10 but I dont know how you can colour 10 dinosaurs to show you know what number comes next, unless they had a teacher with them.

freetrait Fri 13-Sep-13 22:55:03

If he was 7 I would pipe a different tune, he's only just's a shame they are almost "labelled" so young. It's illegal in some countries.

simpson Fri 13-Sep-13 22:53:18

Does he enjoy school and seem happy?

Do you think he struggles with things?

My DD is in yr1 and is not amazingly numeracy minded although she quite likes it. But she is not confident in her abilities numeracy wise and I would guess she would need quite a bit of input ie lots of "Is this right?" when it is, but she won't work independently nor have the confidence to realise her answer is correct.

She loves playing squeebles on the iPad which seems to be helping.

freetrait Fri 13-Sep-13 22:50:22

There are different reasons to "struggle". When you are 8-12 months younger that's not struggling, that's being younger. My DS was 5 in October during his YR. He couldn't read until he started in January in YR (age 5 and 3 months) then flew through.
Worksheets in Y1, GAH!

kiwidreamer Fri 13-Sep-13 22:44:41

We had some issues with pre school back in the day and I was just so chuffed last year that the issues turned out to be bollocks and he just needed a different approach and he thrived... I was dead impressed he could read at all, I certainly couldn't at that age (start school post 5th bday in NZ)... I suspect I've had a wee dose of un-fluffied reality, I hate to sound judgy but I know those children he is sat with, they really do struggle, I wouldn't have placed him the same level... I've been rose tinted it appears.

I shall put a note in his book folder and ask the teacher for ideas.

freetrait Fri 13-Sep-13 22:38:08

Oh yes, he's only just turned 5- he's almost a year younger than some kids in Y1! My DD is in YR, she's 5 in November. She's very bright but can't "do" much yet as she hasn't been taught. Maybe some of the teaching came a bit early for him in YR (due to being a youngie). He will catch up when he's ready. Damn school system!

freetrait Fri 13-Sep-13 22:36:22

I would chill. I know that's hard. But in many countries he would be running around free still, not sitting trying to learn reading, writing and maths. Don't get stressed, if you are concerned go speak to the teacher, but if he's happy and full of beans as he should be age 5 then just encourage his interests at home, enjoy your child.

Periwinkle007 Fri 13-Sep-13 22:33:30

well if you are worried then I think you should ask to make an appointment and speak to her, to ask what you can do to support him at home.

I can't remember what the actual expected level is for maths at the end of reception, is it number up to 10 but they hope to do up to 20?

He isn't alone, as you said there are others at the table, he could have ended reception slightly behind where they would like him to be or he might just have forgotten some stuff over the summer and they are starting him off with that to check where he is. If he is at the 'needs help' table then it is actually a good thing, it means they have identified where he is and are providing support and help which should help him progress.

Do go and speak to the teacher, I am sure she is not being deliberately evasive or unfriendly and she will probably be pleased that a parent is supportive and wants to help her child.

kiwidreamer Fri 13-Sep-13 22:27:47

DS is just turned 5, started Yr1 this week. Last year was wonderful, he settled brilliantly to reception a lovely teacher that encouraged him but never put any pressure on him. He chugged along but only moved up a couple of levels but was happy so all good as far ask was concerned. He got mostly 'expected' levels in report.

This morning we peeked in the window of his new class room and I quickly realised that he is at the 'needs help' table, their worksheets were ordering to 10 where ALL other worksheets were more advanced. I know the kids on his table so the picture fits. I just didnt realise he was so far behind sad I'm really PMT today so I realise teary feelings are over reacting but what can I do to help him forward, what is average knowledge at this stage?

His new teacher hasn't so much as made eye contact with me on the one day she came out of the classroom after school. After such a lovely start to school last year I'm feeling quite adrift really.

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