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Received copy of ofsted for ds school today, it's inadequate and has being placed under special measures....

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Pandorassox Fri 13-Sep-13 16:24:47

Ds joined reception at this school 2 weeks ago. Today we received a letter from the headmaster and a copy of the ofsted the results were as follows:
Previous inspection : good - 2
This inspection: inadequate - 4
Achievement of pupils: inadequate - 4
Quality of teaching: inadequate - 4
Behavior and safety of pupils: requires improvement - 3
Leadership and management: inadequate - 4

Letter from headmaster stated how the school has being placed under special measures and will be under close inspection every term.

The only good thing was early years education was rated as good which is ok as ds is in reception but it's all down hill from year 1.

Will ofsted be providing another report as I wish to remove ds at the end of reception if the school has not improved considerably?

I'm really disappointed as the last ofsted report was rated good through out.

AnitaManeater Sat 14-Sep-13 18:14:18

If the school is in special measures there will be restrictions on the number of parent governors. I'm a parent governor at a school which is in special measures and I have temporarily stood down as a maximum of two are required at present. I had the option to remain but the commitment required for this coming year was too big, especially now the school has converted to an academy.

Chocovore Sat 14-Sep-13 21:00:13

Our school was put into SM in July. It had previously been Outstanding! DS2 started a couple of weeks ago. We have absolute faith in the school and leadership and all parents are fighting forced academisation. We had a letter from a broker before the judgement had been put in writing!

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