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Reception class reading

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EdithWeston Fri 13-Sep-13 10:20:00

I notice you've started a separate thread asking about reception pupils and homework.

Are you concerned about what is happening in your DC's reception class?

We haven't had any books or letters/sounds sent home yet. But half the year R group are still on half days so I expect next week when all children are fulltime, that we may start to get some.

If nothing has been sent home in another couple of weeks I will check with the teacher, as DS knows quite a few sounds already and we would both like him to start having a try soon. (We get library books and read every night etc, but I am not trying to teach him to read myself)

Periwinkle007 Fri 13-Sep-13 09:58:47

it depends very much on the school.

in our school children are spending the first 2.5 weeks settling in and the staff getting to know them and their abilities then they will start teaching phonics every day and sending home books of some description depending on the individual children.

Last year reading books started coming home about week 4 I think and by half term all the children were taking some sort of book home 2 or 3 times a week. I know other schools where children didn't get reading books until after Christmas when they had learned enough phonics.

Btfly Thu 12-Sep-13 23:31:39

When should the students start reading in reception class?

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