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Any good schools in Borough of hounslow & chiswick?

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Mjackson1232000 Sun 29-Mar-15 19:30:25

Anyone can help me to decide. I have applied an in year school for my son who wanted to move on due to bullying. the school that I wanted are over prescribed (St.Micheal, hounslow) the Blue school too. The council have offered me St.Richard, hanworth, they are new, apparently just opened this year, no Ofstead report to really convinced me. I am a little bit doubting as my son is very very clever boy, wonder if it's worth moving. He is gaining back his confident, at the parent evening, I was told that he has done very well in English and maths, skip one grade to an other, my son is a bit confused or hesitant to make the move, he said to me that he eis going to miss his school mates, some of his close ones.i don't know if I am doing the right thing

Pizzahutlover Sat 14-Sep-13 08:13:05

What your saying about children not having english as a first language spring grove has around 80 percent plus that dont speak english as a first language and chatsworth is around 60 percent with this issue but the children still achieve well. Not the best place to live if you want a school that does not have a high number of children that dont speak english as a first language. Its with most schools in hounslow

KJ1000 Fri 13-Sep-13 23:13:08

Thanks guys.....really useful information. I will put down chatsworth on my list also as well as spring grove of course and Alexander will have to go down as round the corner from where we live so that will be safe.

It is a shame that the religious schools are so 'selective' and I wander what it is that makes them achieve so well? All you want is to go give your kids good morals and a good chance in life and I suppose it is instinctive to try and go for best school you can find.

The reason I am not keen on Alexander is that whilst they seem very good at getting a good percentage of children at a level 4, after that the percentage really drops. Also a lot of the kids that attend the school, it seems English is not their first language and not spoken at home and where you have a classroom of children with this majority problem, that is undoubtedly the weakness that the teacher will concentrate on which is why I think that the percentage of high achievers is quite low.

I suppose hounslow is really not the best location for schools as demand high due to overpopulation and thus have to live really close by to get into a good school. I am sure that is why developers chose to build flats on the doorstep of schools. That contributes to the problem. That is the case nr spring grove and Belmont is surrounded by flats too. Anyway, still not moving , would rather move for a good secondary school.

Pizzahutlover Fri 13-Sep-13 22:40:36

One last question why you not keen on alexander infant school dont know much at all about the school but interested to know your reasons as results for junior seem ok 80 plus percent getting level 4. Allot of schools in hounslow getting lower then that is it that your trying to get one of the best schools or something about the school is bothering you

Pizzahutlover Fri 13-Sep-13 22:10:16

To a good school. I think not many schools down your end just alexander i think. But lots of good schools in hounslow just have to take the time out to look like ill give you a list now
Belmont chiswick
Grove park i think is good
Blue school
Spring grove
Few others that are faith based around isleworth and some areas of hounslow
Strand on the green seems good
I think if you want one of the best schools in hounslow you will have to move unless your religious
New admissions book is out now you can look at the distances offered this year its on the primary school admissions website

tiggytape Fri 13-Sep-13 22:08:42

It can be disappointing but some of these schools only have 30 places so, if there are 10-17 siblings every year, then the remaining places will have to go to people living pretty close. Maybe you can investigate if there are some schools with bigger intakes a bit nearer to your house that are also good?

The best bet is to list Spring Grove if you really like it. If they cannot offer it to you, you will be added to their waiting list.
But also make sure you name at least 1 very realistic option on your form even if it is your 6th choice. You mention one close by that you're not keen on but it is better to have a not-so-great school place at the end of the road rather than a not-so-great school place 3 miles away.
If you use up all your choices with schools that have tiny catchments and who cannot offer you a place, the borough has to allocate you a school that still has vacancies after everyone else has been placed and it might not one be very close to your home. If you put a nearby school as number 6 then at least you know that if they cannot offer you any of your higher choices, you will at least get into a local school.

Pizzahutlover Fri 13-Sep-13 22:00:20

Hi from hounslow as well spring grove seems good gone to outstanding this year and have very good results. My child is going chatsworth primary school which was outstanding but is now good and it gets good results as well. I think these are the two best schools in the central hounslow area. In the league tables spring grove came 3rd in hounslow and chatsworth is 7th just came under belmont in chiswick which is a very good school and everyone wants it. I think if you want a good school you have to live pretty close to get in. Chatworth was 0.5 miles this year and i think spring grove was 0.2 and belmont was something like 0.4 miles. You have to live closer to get in.

KJ1000 Fri 13-Sep-13 19:24:34

Thanks for that...I will certainly check it out. I am really keen on that school, cannot believe the distance for last year was so close. I guess if you live in the block of flats opposite, you are lucky! In fact, probably most if not all of their pupils may even live there!!

It doesn't look like she has a reasonable chance then from where things stand. I wander if she will have any chance if she went on a waiting list.

It's all so disheartening, you work so hard, pay your taxes and then you still cannot get you child into the school you want and probably end up with a school you don't want!!

Anyway, will remain positive, maybe there was no baby boom in that particular block of flats and all the siblings are in the school already!!!!

tiggytape Thu 12-Sep-13 22:41:26

Last year the furthest distance for a place at Spring Grove was 0.283 miles and 17 out of 30 places went to siblings.
It appears you have to live very close to get a place but you need to check you are measuring your distance correctly before you can compare.

If you look at Hounslow's booklet online (a pdf document link from the website) you can work out how far you are from your nearest schools and whether you would live close enough to have got a place last year. Hounslow has a priority area system so there are some schools you are more likely to get than others based on your address.
Hounslow also uses walking route not 'as the crow flies' distance calculations so you'd have to bear that in mind too (unlit or unlisted short cuts for example may not count on their software)

KJ1000 Thu 12-Sep-13 22:07:14

We live in hounslow and isleworth area and have to make the applications for primary this year. Really confused as schools in hounslow seem very poor. Were thinking of moving but decided we do not want to turn into nomads and would rather move for secondary schools and that would definitely have to be to different borough/area altogether.
Anyway, I was interested in Spring Grove Primary but not sure if it would be a realistic choice. We live 0.75 miles away according to mapquest.Also, they only take 30 kids a year so given my daughter was born during a baby boom, is there a possibility?
Does anyone else know any good schools? We live nr hounslow east station and I am not keen on Alexander primary even though it is the closest to our house.

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