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iPad apps - Recommendations for use in infant school classrooms

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Hulababy Fri 13-Sep-13 12:53:32

Thanks. Ill check them out.

I have pocket phonics on my own iPad already actually too as downloaded it for a friends little one to play on.

kennythekangaroo Fri 13-Sep-13 07:54:28

The twinkl phonic app is very good, we also have pocket phonics. Whats the time Mr wolf and beebots are 2 useful ones too.

Hulababy Thu 12-Sep-13 17:54:54

Thanks for advise. I will take a look.

I've seen the EYFS app in use - used for obs evidencing etc and linked to the curriculum. Seemed very useful.

Hulababy Thu 12-Sep-13 17:53:39

Posadas - I wasn't involved in that aspect of their purchase. Just the bit after they have arrived. I did go on some training type is its to local schools to discuss tablet use a year ago. Overwhelming decision was to go iPads rather than other tablets. Tbh I was pleased as I much prefer iPads to the other tablets I have used - more intuitive to start with. Also the junior school most of our children move to use iPads so made sense to stay the same.

PickleFish Thu 12-Sep-13 13:07:09

this site has a lot of apps reviewed:,ks2/

you can filter by age and subject, although I find it useful to look at both ks1 and ks2 as sometimes the older age group has suitable things for the younger and vice versa

posadas Thu 12-Sep-13 12:00:52

Hulababy -- I'm curious to know how the purchase of the iPads and minis, etc was funded? Who made the decision to allocate what must have been quite a lot of money to buy devices without knowing how they would be used?

I'm curious because there have been a lot of articles in the press about the "need" to have iPads in classrooms but I haven't seen anyone make a clear case for why they are "needed" nor how they will be used.

Clearly, there are some innovative and fun apps for children to play with. But I'd be interested to hear a case for an educational "need" to have the devices in schools.

(I realise I'm not answering your question; I'd be interested, too, to read recommendations of apps that might be helpful in a classroom so hope others will reply directly!)

Hulababy Wed 11-Sep-13 20:13:10

I really don't think we can go with the Apple TV - I did look last week. It is just too costly. We would need it set up in 10 different rooms.

I will look at appsgonefree.

I use my own iPad at home, as does DD - but never had them when DD was small obviously. So - trying to find the right ones for staff and children is key I guess.

mais Wed 11-Sep-13 20:06:20

Apple TV & wifi in the room will allow any of the iPads to be mirrored to the board.
Lots of apps have a lite version so you can try them out. It is also worthwhile downloading 'appsgonefree' it's an app which lists all the free app offers of the day, I've picked up some lovely free storybook apps this way.

Hulababy Wed 11-Sep-13 19:58:42

My school has just purchased a number of iPads for use in school.

We have some iPad 2s for use by the children (1 between 2 in a class), initially within their ICT lesson/sessions, but later maybe bookable out - trying to make it so everyone has fair, easy access to start with.

We also have some iPad minis for use by classroom practitioners - one per classroom, to be used by teacher/TA in that room.

So....I have a task ahead of me to help get them sorted and ready to use...selecting apps, etc. I have put out some sheets asking teachers and TAs for any suggestions they have of either named apps or just things they'd like the iPads to be able to do to enhance teaching and learning; with latter we can then explore and see what is out there that matches the needs.

We will have finances to buy apps, but would prefer lots and lots some freebies too.

We have already ordered headphones and headphone splitters (so can have two plugged into each) and we will look at cables for the minis to be mirrored on the whiteboard. If anyone can suggest any cables which do this, especially not too costly as will need several, that would be great.

So teachers and TAs - what do you use your tablets for? Any recommendations?

And parents - what do your children's schools use their iPads/tablets (if they have them) for?


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