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What would you expect from your school in this situation...

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girlsmum Tue 10-Sep-13 16:17:56


DD's report last term for Maths gave her a level 2b (she was in year 3). My DH and I both read report separately, and agreed we didn't feel that she was capable of what her school report said she was in relation to maths.

Cutting a long story short, I have enrolled my DD now in year 4, with a Private Tutor for maths once a week.

She has had two sessions with the Private Tutor now, who told me yesterday evening, that my DD has many gaps in her basic understanding of maths - she can't recognise numbers over 100, she isn't confident/gets confused with money. Tutor also believes my DD is nowhere near level of 2b.

Coming on to today; my DD has come home in tears. She has asked her teacher in maths for some help and her teacher has told her to miss out the question. Also, a separate incident, that if she doesn't get her maths work done - she will have to stay in at lunch time or well done time.

I think I am going to write the teacher a letter explaining the tutor and the last school report etc, I was planning on speaking to her teacher next week at Parent Drop In, but feel maybe it can't wait.

What do you think I should expect of the teacher?

What I would like to happen is that the teacher makes more time to help when DD puts her hand up and asks. And that she recognises that my DD finds it hard to ask. Also that the teacher be more encouraging of DD - as she is becoming very anxious (even though she has only been back at school for 4 days), as the rest of her class keep telling her it's easy.

The fact that I feel I have let my DD down is a whole other post.

Sorry for the length.


TheBuskersDog Tue 10-Sep-13 18:14:48

If your daughter is a 2b at the beginning of year 4 she is already significantly below the level expected. I would expect her to be getting support in class from the teacher/TA anyway, if you feel she isn't actually a 2b then she definitely needs support/intervention.
I would contact the teacher to make an appointment to discuss your concerns and to ask what the school is doing to support her progress in maths.

girlsmum Tue 10-Sep-13 18:43:35

Thank you, will go and see teacher I think.

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