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reception pupil - what do you do after school?

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sheetofpaper Sun 08-Sep-13 20:15:03

My DD1 goes to reception. what do you do after school? reading, counting, play in the park? just worried not to get her tired as she need to be up at 6.30 as I am taking her at 7.25 to the CM.

park most days occasionally shopping but this is always unpopulargrin
DD started rainbows towards the end of reception but she was pretty tired.

roisin Sun 08-Sep-13 20:27:19

When ds2 was in reception he had a quick drink and a small snack when we got home (after long walk), then would put him in the bath to wake him up enough to eat, then have tea.

Then listened to him read, bedtime stories and tuck up in bed. He was always fast asleep before 6pm as he needed 12-13 hrs sleep and was shattered from school the whole year.

Banderchang Sun 08-Sep-13 20:44:40

DS has just started reception, so we're trying to get a good after school routine going so that we still feel like we have some quality time. So far this is our plan:

Monday - after school treat in town. Last week was cake, tomorrow will be ice cream.

Tuesday - quick bit of shopping, then home to have a play and cook dinner

Weds - he does after school club

Thurs - swimming lesson and then home for dinner

Fri - come home and do some baking before the weekend.

We eat at around 5:45 and he goes to bed at 7. If I let him he'd watch TV from getting home until dinner time, so I'm trying to mix the days up a little. I guess as we get further into reception there'll be reading or something to do as well.

Cat98 Sun 08-Sep-13 20:57:38

My ds didn't get too tired and was fine doing his usual activities, I was surprised because everyone had told me to be prepared for how shattered he would be. They are all different.

Cat98 Sun 08-Sep-13 20:59:46

This was our timetable last year (he's in yr 1 now and it's similar tbh)
Mondays - free (home, tv, play outside, reading)
Tuesdays - play date
Wednesdays - tennis class
Thursdays - swimming lesson
Fridays - home for tea then football class at 6pm

Bed usually 7:45

FriskyHenderson Sun 08-Sep-13 21:05:52

A bit of running around, a bit of telly and a lot of food.

BlackMogul Sun 08-Sep-13 22:13:02

Really depends if your DD is tired at the end of the day or not. As mine had to wake up at about 7.45 they always had a mixture of swimming, dancing, after school music club and playing. Did reading every day and we went to the library about once every 2 weeks. Had picnics and trips to the park/woods to play. Lots of children were too tired to do anything much!

Periwinkle007 Mon 09-Sep-13 20:57:01

mine could handle doing things I think but we don't. eldest started rainbows in Oct of reception, youngest will start at Easter hopefully. We don't do anything else after school because I like them to have a chance to be together, they play well together and they enjoy playing with their toys and games and looking at books so we just go with that. Plenty of time for activities in the future. I personally don't like rushing everywhere all the time so that is probably the main reason we don't.

It means they have time to come in from school, have a snack, get changed, unwind, I can then fit in reading with both of them, checking how their day has gone, doing spellings or anything else etc as well as cooking dinner, playing with daddy when he gets home from work, bath, stories to enjoy listening to rather than reading themselves and then bed at 7:30. They are early risers so I am very sure they COULD do a lot more but I don't personally feel they are missing out at this age.

Next year with both of them at Rainbows then perhaps they will do a sport after school but we will have to see days or they end up being dragged around to collect each other from them which is something that puts me off.

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