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Cheltenham primary schools

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redhappy Sun 18-Aug-13 19:26:36

Looking to move to Cheltenham in the next 12 months and need to find a school for dd who will be going into year 1 in September.

Is it very oversubscribed? Can she be on a waiting list for more than one school at a time?

And which school to REALLY avoid? There's always one isn't there??

Galena Mon 19-Aug-13 08:54:37

Some are oversubscribed, some aren't. Not sure how many waiting lists you can be on, sorry.

As for schools to avoid it's hard to say. DD is going to one which most people avoid because it has 'that' reputation, but actually we've found it great with transition, and a lovely atmosphere, so we wouldn't say avoid... Depends what area you're hoping to live in really. Some of the 'naice' schools you won't get a place quickly unless you live nearby.

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