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Marlborough Primary School (chealsea)

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Btfly Sun 18-Aug-13 18:05:06

Dear parents,
My daughter was placed in Marlborough primary school (Kensington -chealsea) - reception class. I have heart some negative things about this school. My daughter is really very bright and a native speaker. I am very confused. Is it necessary to apply in- year admission for another school. If someone knows anything about this school and share with me, I will be very happy.

sanam2010 Sun 18-Aug-13 21:34:36

Why don't you check with nearby primaries in Fulham for space, you
might have a shot at New Kings school or sulivan primary, I think they have far better sATS and Ofsted reports / parent reviews and often have spaces. Call the Hammersmith and Fulham council. Marlborough school I think is not too far from the Fulham border so I assume you don't live too far?

Btfly Mon 19-Aug-13 23:38:34

Thank you for your answer.. I will call Fulham and hammer smith council

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