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Schools in and around Hampstead Garden Suburb

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ha5411 Tue 13-Aug-13 12:07:17

We are thinking of moving to Hampstead Garden Suburb and were wondering about good schools. More than likely we will not be in Brooklands catchment area (as we prefer the south side) but have heard of Garden Suburb School or Annemount or Golders Hill. Are these schools any good? Does anyone have recommendations for other schools in the area? Thanks.

traintracks Tue 13-Aug-13 19:25:26

You've named one state and two private schools there, are you interested in state, private or both?

harnomis Wed 14-Aug-13 14:25:33

Our son spent five extremely happy years at Golders Hill School. We were delighted with his development and academic achievement there. It is a small, nurturing pre-prep private school with high academic standards. Pupils tend go on to some very good schools including UCS, Haberdashers, Westminster, NLCS, Highgate and South Hampstead. A definite thumbs up from me. Happy to give more info if needed!

Acorncup Thu 03-Oct-13 14:42:53

Hi Am looking for good private school for 7+ around NW11 area for my DD. Does anyone have anything about Golders Hill? How many pupil in Year 1 (boy & girl ratio)? Which schools are they get in? Any info would be much appreciated. Many thanx

ha5411 Wed 13-Nov-13 08:01:24

Apologies, just checking back in now! (Not quite got the hang of Mumsnet and didn't realise that i wasn't notified when someone had replied). We would prefer a state primary school but are not sure we can get in to the ones in NW11 as the catchment areas seem small.

What is Garden Suburb School like? We might be able to buy a house in that catchment.

Any thoughts on the pre-pre schools Annemount and Golders Hill? We have a boy and are keen for a mixed primary/early education. What about Highgate?

Tableforfour Wed 13-Nov-13 21:04:43

GS suburb supposed to be very nice and nurturing, but doesn't prepare in any way for competitive entry at 11 to private schools, if that is what you are thinking. Very few secondary state options at the moment from HGS though the Archer Academy about to open in E Finchley may change that.

Catchment for GS school extends to not quite Golders green station, I know people in Corringham way that got in on their third appeal and some in Meadway that got a place.

ha5411 Thu 14-Nov-13 09:05:55

Thanks. Do you know about annemount or golders hill?

Tableforfour Thu 14-Nov-13 14:07:58

They are both private so no catchment issues. Fees on the websites.

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