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UNIFORM question. How many of each item to buy??

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212VIP Tue 30-Jul-13 09:19:16


DC1 is starting primary school in September.
About to start the uniform purchasing but just really thought I'd see how many of each item every one buys.

Was thinking:
5 shirts
5 trousers
3 jumpers
Big pile of grey socks

Is this right, or overkill??

Many thanks

BornToFolk Wed 31-Jul-13 16:30:47

Sounds right to me. DS only had two jumpers through Reception which was fine but three would have been better!

The amount of clothes needed was definitely seasonable. He needed clean trousers every day during winter as he got them covered (and I mean, literally covered) in mud playing football. He only needed 2 or maybe 3 polo shirts a week though as they were under his jumper. But in spring/summer term he needed a clean polo shirt every day but his shorts stayed cleaner so he only needed 2 pairs.

A lot of it depends on how much washing you do/want to do. I preferred to have lots of polo shirts so I only had to do one white wash a week, but fewer jumpers was fine as I usually do a mid-week dark wash.

Definitely only one pair of school shoes, plus wellies for playing outside.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Wed 31-Jul-13 17:44:09

My DD needs a new polo shirt each day so I'd say at least 5 (I have more than this as they are dead cheap from supermarket). I also got 5 skirts or pinafores but found they were generally OK for 2 days so 3 would be fine. Similarly my DD probably only need 2-3 cardigans but you may need more jumpers since they might take the brunt of spillages over the polo shirt. I'd buy tons of matching pairs of socks. Nothing worse than searching for the clean washing trying to put together a matching pair.

olibeansmummy Fri 02-Aug-13 22:10:38

Ds us starting in sept and has 3 logoed sweatshirts, 3 logoed polo shirts, 3 pairs of trousers, 2 pairs if shorts, 1 logoed pe t shirt, 2 pairs of pe shorts ( because they came in a pack of 2 not because he needs 2), 1 pair of pumps, 1 pair of shoes and 1 logoed school coat. As you can see the amount of logoed stuff has stopped me buying more, but he'll have a clean uniform on on Mon, Tue and Wed then I'll wash them in Wed ready for Thurs and Fri.

olibeansmummy Fri 02-Aug-13 22:12:14

Oh sorry forgot to add, his polo shirts are red so no need for a separate white load smile. Also I've got 8 pairs of grey socks.

Xihha Sat 03-Aug-13 01:23:47

in reception ds had 5 jumpers, 5 polo shirts, 5 pairs of trousers, 1 PE kit, 1 pair of shoes and a mountain of socks (identical as I swear he used to eat 1 out of each pair) oh and 2 school fleeces and 2 logoed rain coats... he's one of those children who sees mud or a puddle and has to roll in it, he also had spare pants in his PE kit for the same reason.

DD's starting reception in September, she's got 5 tops, 5 pairs of tights, 3 pairs of knee high socks 2 pinafores and 2 jumpers, 1 pair of school shoes and 1 each of school fleece, blazer, coat, hat and PE kit, ideally I would of liked a few more pinafores and jumpers but her uniforms just too expensive, they have lunch aprons though and painting aprons with elasticated sleeves so I'm hoping she'll be ok.

spiderlight Sat 03-Aug-13 17:01:26

Five white polo shirts, washed/boiled/bleached/napalmed at weekend.
Three sets of trousers and jumpers, clean every day with a wash on Wednesday.
Two sets of PE kit. Spare socks kept in the PE bag, which stays at school, to change if he gets wet feet on the walk round in the morning.

All from Tesco this year: last year I bought 'naice' M&S and Next trousers but the hems on the M&S ones came down within two or three wears and the Next ones were all through at the knee by Christmas and had to be replaced. The Tesco replacement ones were still as good as new at the end of the school year.

212VIP Sat 10-Aug-13 09:59:00

Thanks everyone. This has been really useful. Ordered the emblem stuff online just need to but the basics.


Any recommendations for cost vs quality?

Jinty64 Sat 10-Aug-13 17:11:34

I work full time and ds3 (7) goes to after school club until 6pm so he is wearing each set of clothes all day through three meals and two (at least) snacks so we have five of everything and I wash at the weekend.

I prefer to buy quality as I think it looks better and lasts longer. Last year ds had 3 pairs of M&S trousers (lasted all year and passed onto a friends son looking as good as new) 1 pair ASDA and 1 pair Tesco trousers which I binned. To be fair the ASDA ones lasted fairly well but had paint on them.

I bought some school logo t-shirts and some plain white from Vertbaudet that washed very well and stayed quite white. M&S gym shoes lasted all year.

my2bundles Sat 10-Aug-13 20:53:31

2 of everything, 1 to wear 1 to wash. 1 pair of school shoes and 1 PE kit. i dont understand the need for more.

my2bundles Sat 10-Aug-13 20:54:29

add to above, Ive been doing this 15 years and still dont understand why more than this is needed.

unlucky83 Sat 10-Aug-13 22:06:45

It does all depend on how many times a week you do washing ...
I have a large load washing machine - so try and stick to approx 5 big loads once a week ...
And as things wear out/get ruined I often get the next size up ... so if I don't get more than one day out of something DD might end up wearing something a bit baggy at the end of one week ...but at least clean ...
(I'm probably scarred by the time my washing machine broke down and it took over a week to fix...nearest laundrette is 7 miles family near by ... too embarrassed to ask neighbours/friends...I would have been handwashing uniform!)

Think you have a DS so not much help - but I love the stretchy trousers for girls in Asda - struggled to get trousers to fit DD1 before I discovered them (and she managed to split the seams on a pair of M&S ones on the second wear) Asda was the only place that did that type at the time -as 'smart price' - but now I see them everywhere. They did used to stop doing them at age 9 or something (but now do up to 16) ... DD1 moved onto a similar type from M&S ... in my experience the Asda ones wore as well if not better than the M&S ones...(could pass on some of the Asda ones to DD2 - the M&S ones are too bobbled).
DD1 has Asda trousers for secondary too...the M&S ones are just not as good a fit -but I would say these haven't worn as well -and they don't stock their entire range throughout the year so I couldn't just get a bigger size ...they do have them again now and so I am getting the size she needs now and some one size bigger ....

Pyrrah Sun 11-Aug-13 00:05:15

DD had:

5 pinafores
4 x summer dresses
6 polos
4 cardigans
1,000,000 pairs of grey tights
6 pairs of summer socks
1 pair of black Clarks shoes (patent leather wear better than normal)
1 pair of Wellies
1 pair of black plimsolls
2 x pe tops
2 x pe bottoms
1 x woolly hat
1 x sun hat
1 x bookbag
1 x pe bag
Large pack of nametapes.

Plus labelled bottle of sunscreen and bag with spare knickers/tights/socks and nappy sacs for wet ones.

Winter coat, raincoat and summer-weight coats are also handy - some schools don't care if they turn up in pink coats with flowers on, some want regulation navy - especially if worn on trips -, best to check

I thought I could get away with only 2 cardigans, but they were made out of sweatshirt material and it was impossible to get any marks out without going through the wash. Knitted type cardigans you can take a wet-wipe to the odd mark.

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