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Educational android apps for 8yr old

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pinkparrotpink Mon 29-Jul-13 17:05:48

Any good ones around that anyone knows of. Dd used to go on the laptop and play games on the BBC website but they won't work on the tablet. TIA

PastSellByDate Wed 31-Jul-13 07:34:01

Hi pinkparrotpink:

Saw nobody was responding - Iphone/ pad APPS much more frequently advertised written about - however usually these apps are released eventually in android as well:

for the moment I know of:

Can't remember where but I found out about squeebles on Mumsnet and it now has android versions - info here:

Believe it or not the game slice-it - teaches lots about symmetry/ division without being numberical. Your task is to divide geometric shapes into a particular number of equal segments. It starts off straightforward and progressively gets harder - very addictive. Info here:

If your DC is space mad - this APP may be a good thing:

This is awesome. Download it and then take it out on a stary night - point your phone or tablet toward the heavens and find out what constallations you're looking at.

Ocean House media (US based) has a ton of Android apps - including several natural history apps from Smithsonian/ Dr. Seuss stories/ etc... These may be a little young - but might be worth looking through:


PC Advisor has written on best maths apps for kids here:

Guardian has this (but looks to be for younger children):

APPS for primary school list these anddroid apps:

Oxford school improvement maths app recommendations:


HandOfTheKing Wed 31-Jul-13 07:54:54

Sorry to jump in but thanks very much PastSellByDate (great name!),there's some fab recommendations there. Off to download a couple.

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