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Help with summer homework?

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burstingbaboon Mon 29-Jul-13 09:57:08

Can someone help me ?
I just can't solve the problem:
find the product of 9 and 14, if 9 is factor of 27?

PeterParkerSays Mon 29-Jul-13 15:02:34

but that uses 4 twice doesn't it?

PeterParkerSays Mon 29-Jul-13 15:03:53

Sorry, I've just realised you're using the answers multiplied together....

RabbitsarenotHares Mon 29-Jul-13 16:23:13

No probs! It was quite fun, in an annoying kind of way.

I just kept scribbling on random bits of paper. Tried using Excel, but could see it getting complicated.

I don't like the question as you are using the 4 to give a 4, but it's the only way I can find. How old is your dd btw? Can imagine something like that would be really frustrating for them if they can't 'see' it straight away.

Am going to the pub tonight (rare occurrance) so shall raise a glass to you and your dd. Enjoy the rest of the (maths-free!!!) holidays!!!!!

trinity0097 Mon 29-Jul-13 16:40:22

Guess and put a number down, doesn't need to be right! It doesn't make sense to me, and I'm a Maths teacher!

pointythings Mon 29-Jul-13 18:32:47

Blimey. I'd be writing deliberately random answers in the ones I had no idea about. No, strike that, I'd be writing deliberately random answers in the whole bloody booklet. They want homework done? Homework is done. End of.

Runningchick123 Mon 29-Jul-13 19:39:41

8-4 *( 3+2) = 20

3birthdaybunnies Mon 29-Jul-13 19:54:16

I'm with pointythings they can't give detention for a wrong answer, just put some attempt in then enjoy the rest of the holidays. Mad school giving homework in holidays. I turned down the opportunity to take a bean plant and diary camping round Scotland one half term. Teacher was a little taken aback but a holiday is a holiday.

FannyMcNally Mon 29-Jul-13 20:23:55

So the answer to the first problem is 126 because 9 IS a factor of 27. Or have we solved that one?

BabiesAreLikeBuses Mon 29-Jul-13 20:50:11

Have they just mentioned factors to flag up mental methods being used ie 3x3=9 so you could do 3x14x3 in your head? Question v poorly worded, i teach y6 maths and am not sure what it means!

burstingbaboon Tue 30-Jul-13 00:29:45

Good evening everyone!!!! I was so busy so didn't manage to come back!!!! Thank you all one more time!!!
That's what i am confused about-can't get the sense of it except we can use x or : and that's it.
Not sure if it is a trick question because i would just do 9 x 14=126 but what other part of the question/statement has got to do with it????
Question is really presented in a very ill shock way!!
You made me laugh POINTYTHINGS wink ha-ha,maybe i should tell my DD just to write random answersgrin because i am really fed up! And to make the matters worse ,we just started-when i say we have a lot to do - i mean it !!!!!!!!!!blush
RANH , my DD is 9 and a half and she will be going to Y6 from september!! Did anyone else's DC get homework over the holidays?????
I am off to rest , tomorrow (today shock) i have to wake up at 6am and will be back home only after 8pm so wont manage to post it until late!!!

virgil Tue 30-Jul-13 00:36:27

This reminds me of a chapter in "the magic faraway tree" where dame slap asks "why is a blackboard?". I agree, just write a random answer and ignore the badly worded question.

pointythings Tue 30-Jul-13 18:03:18

OP, my DD2 is going into Yr6 and the only homework she has is to make a scrapbook. It is compulsory but there are no guidelines, so we will be keeping it very, very, very minimal as I am deeply opposed to holiday homework. (this comes as a complete surprise to you, no? grin)

DD1 is going into Y8 and has no holiday homework at all. Both have been asked to keep reading during the holidays and I definitely support that - fortunately they both love to read but I'd enforce this even if they did not.

BackforGood Tue 30-Jul-13 18:08:36

No Bursting none of mine have ever had homework over the holidays.
Well, the one inbetween his L6th and U6th Year I presume ought to be doing his own "reading around" but never any before this.

burstingbaboon Wed 31-Jul-13 09:39:49

Hi.... I already wrote reply but phone was without battery
and everything got deleted!!!
I love reading and I always encourage my
DD's to read but even I think this hm is
just too much and some parts are very
Another thing which worries me is that half of
my older DD class is having tutors?!?!
When do you look for tutor?!?! School
is putting lots of pressure because of SATS
and now - with this confusing homework- I am
starting to have a doubt am I doing things in
the right way!!!!
She is good in class ( AFAIK) , her levels are
5B, 5B and 5B!!! But how realistic is that if she
is having problems with homework?!?!? O what a summer?!?!?

burstingbaboon Wed 31-Jul-13 09:44:35

Sorry for the way i wrote posting. I was on my phone so it came out like that^^^^^^^ sorry!!!!

Picturesinthefirelight Wed 31-Jul-13 14:03:19

In my opinion tutors are only needed if a child us having specific problems & needs specialist help or if they are going to be taking a grammar school entrance exam & the school don't do any practice papers (just to familiarise the child with the format of the exam) or if the school font cover the requirements for a selective school.

Tutoring for Sats is quite frankly ludicrous. Poor poor kids.

burstingbaboon Wed 31-Jul-13 14:29:35

I think it's madness what parents are doing in my DD's school. It's RC school,average results but the way they are dealing with things you would think it's one of the top primary schools in London.
It's just everyone is almost having a tutor so i think i lost confidence and
can't reason anymore what is right what is wrong! But thanks to MN i am back to sanity!!!!Feeling much calmer!

pointythings Thu 01-Aug-13 18:20:41

Your DD's levels show she is doing really really well, absolutely no tutoring required.

Schools are under stupid pressure about SATs though, so perhaps yours is anxious about what will happen in Yr6? DD2's school has just been downgraded by OFSTED (aka Gove's Poodle Squad), in part because their Yr6 cohort did not do well in their SATs. I'm amazed they haven't sent home a lot of homework for us. However, since they don't do detentions (detentions in a primary? Really? hmm Whose bright idea was implementing that?) we would have recycled it.

alanyoung Sat 17-Aug-13 15:54:46

It's rather strange to say, 'If 9 is a factor of 27', as though there are situations when 9 is not a factor of 27.

Littleroobe Sat 17-Aug-13 21:45:19

Thats an awfully worded question from my understanding its asking you to find the lowest common factor so I'd say the answer is 3.

I'd say the answer is 3 because 9 x 14 is 126

9 x 3 is 27

So 126 / 3 = 42 so the common factor is 3

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