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Please help help help with Richmond/Hampton schools! New to UK!

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londonapple Sat 27-Jul-13 23:34:15

I'm totally panicking for schools for my 3 children. We're suddenly moving to the Hampton/Richmond area this Summer from New York and really need to sort out schools. from research online I am interested in these schools but what chance do I have of securing places? I have a year 1 girl, a pre school boy and a pre school girl.

Jack and Jill

Like Hampton Boys and Lady Eleanor for later on so I am trying to find schools that will pave the way so to speak. Please please help out if you can, with other suggestions and ways of getting them into school at this crazy late stage!

AlienAttack Sun 28-Jul-13 08:50:57

Just phone the schools. They are both private schools so deal with their own admissions. They will be able to tell you immediately if they have spaces.

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