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homefield/donhead school

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Dubai Fri 19-Jul-13 15:10:36

Hi all, anyone at homefield/donhead schools? any kind of input is much apprecciated.Which one would you recommend in terms of classs sizes, education...
Many thanks

womblehopper Sun 21-Jul-13 20:40:49

It is difficult to answer these types of questions because very few people would have in-depth knowledge of both schools. However, I do have a DS in Donhead and did look at Homefield.

I think it really comes down to your child and what path you think you will be taking longer term. We chose Donhead because: It prepares for the 11+, boys are streamed in English and Maths from yr 3, we thought the teachers were very approachable and most importantly we were both really impressed by the Headmaster. The boys that we met were confident and well-mannered. The school is not frightened of celebrating achievement and it is very values-driven. We were impressed by the open days, social events and meetings that we attended prior to being offered a place.

We chose not to send DS to Homefield because: our initial communication with them was not quite as favourable, having said that, classes are smaller (around 18 from memory). It does not stream and the approach is 'whole class teaching', although I think it is a selective school, more so than Donhead. There was very little homework in the first few years, and from our limited observation, we were unable to determine how academic the school is. However, the exit is predominantly at 13, to other Indies and I understand they have a good record of getting boys into the more selective schools like Kings. They did not seem quite as open with parents regarding progress - but obviously this was only assessed in our meeting with them.

Pastoral care seemed very good in both schools and both schools are sporty, although Donhead more so.

The best approach would be to visit and ask questions, but pay more attention to the way questions are answered rather than what is said. Both schools are very good at selling their school!

flipflops99 Tue 23-Jul-13 19:08:48

My son has just left Homefield after 7 years there and we would thoroughly recommend it to you.

The pastoral care is outstanding and the school has a friendly, family feel to it. My son has had the same form tutor for 5 years as the tutor groups contain boys from Years 4 to 8, so his tutor knows him and us very well. It also means that the boys have friends in all years in the senior department. We have been kept well informed of progress and teachers have contacted us by email when my son’s homework hasn’t been done . We have had regular contact from the form tutor and the deputy head during the senior school transfer process,

My son has had homework every night in the senior department which also enables us to see the work he has done in class and the teacher’s comments in his marked books.

The facilities are great and there are lots of clubs, trips and extra activities on offer. In particular, the music department is very strong.
Many boys live in the Wimbledon area and there is school transport provided.

The teaching has been very good and the real unexpected bonus was that many boys left for grammar school places at 11 which meant a much more favourable teacher:pupil ratio in Years 7 and 8. (from about 20 boys per class in Y6, to 12 boys in Y7.)

The boys are streamed – for English, Maths and French in the senior department and for all subjects from Year 7.

The CE preparation and next schools entry was very thorough and my son was offered a place at several senior schools including Kings’. Homefield has a very good relationship with senior schools and offer very good guidance during the transfer process.

We have had a very positive experience at Homefield and must say we were very sad when it was time for our son to leave. FYI the next open day is on Saturday 28 September from 10am-1pm. Do visit and talk to the boys and the staff. Good luck in your search for the right school for your son.

Wimbles101 Wed 08-Feb-17 12:15:33

I would have to agree that out of the two (my two DSs are at Homefield) Homefield is more academic and results-driven.
The school has always got a decent number going to local grammars, and those that don't will be offered two places and indies - mainly Kings and Trinity.

Wimbles101 Wed 08-Feb-17 12:15:57

Sorry, I know this thread is old but thought it would be worth reviving!

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