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KS2 SATS - did anyone at your school get Level 6 reading??

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kitnkaboodle Tue 16-Jul-13 23:18:59

.. just wondering. I know it's very rare across the country. Our school entered 5 pupils and none of them got it

hiphapnap Wed 17-Jul-13 13:41:05

here is a link to the national results for the KS2 2012 by subject and level attained. It looks very rare to get a level 6 in the reading test 0-1% max

androbbob Wed 17-Jul-13 14:26:12

DD got a L6 in SPAG and a teacher assessment for reading as L6 but the test was L5, with a handwritten note to say she was 3 marks off a L6. 8 children were entered and I think 5 passed. She is not at the ability of a GCSE or Yr 9 pupil really, so I do agree it is not really representative of their actual ability, more the extra hours studying put in.

Choccyhobnob Wed 17-Jul-13 14:28:04

I did, but that was 17 years ago!

Marmitelover55 Wed 17-Jul-13 15:57:24

19% got L6 for maths and 3% L6 SPAG (again not dd1 who got L5). Sounds like these were quite good percentages then at our school.

peachpudding Wed 17-Jul-13 16:03:12

Is it normal to get a teacher assessment for reading at Lvl 6 but a sats level 4. Would the teacher be over optimistic or did DC just bomb out in the exam?

LadyIsabellaWrotham Wed 17-Jul-13 16:06:32

I don't think anyone from DDs class got put in for level 6 in reading/SPAG/writing - 3 out of 60 were put in for level 6 maths at the last moment without any extra tuition and AFAIK they all got it. Dreadful year though (they're onto their fourth form teacher) so the school had no time for anything extra, they were just desperate to get the level 3s and 4s safe.

spanieleyes Wed 17-Jul-13 18:55:43

25% level 6 maths but no level 6 readers, although a couple were close!

SovaMaminka Wed 17-Jul-13 19:02:55

3 here this year I think, and 5 last year including dd and ds1. The kids found L6 writing harder, though. About 8 entered (both years). A lot more got L6 maths, about 90% of those who sat it. Mostly level 5s all round at the school though, few 4s.

Marni23 Wed 17-Jul-13 19:26:28

DS also got L6 in Maths and SPaG but just missed L6 in Reading (although was teacher assessed as Level 6). He said the L6 paper was really tough-and actually I really don't think he's at that level. A high L5 seems about right to me.

5madthings Wed 17-Jul-13 19:32:13

Ds2 got level 6 for maths and level 5 for grammar/punctuation/spelling and level 5 for reading.

He was only put in for level 6 maths.

I think about six kids got the maths level six, not sure re reading.'its a small year group of about forty.

Lancelottie Wed 17-Jul-13 19:46:18

No (they entered two, but did no extra work for it).

One got level 6 Spelling/grammar.

Not sure about maths.

Lancelottie Wed 17-Jul-13 19:47:55

Very small school btw!

FiveHoursSleep Wed 17-Jul-13 19:50:07

1/90 got level 6 in reading, 9/90 got level 6 in SPaG and 43/90 got level 6 in Maths in our school.

lljkk Wed 17-Jul-13 19:52:00

DD got 6s in all the rest on offer but not reading ( ). She only tantrummed about the reading result for about 10 minutes. Then declared oh well it was the hardest one wasn't it (she said so at the time, too). She thinks no one else in her yr got a 6 in anything (no idea if that's true).

I was surprised because DD's literacy is what teacher's rave about, I expected her to struggle at math instead. That makes sense if math was reasonably easy this yr. She had to do both reading tests on the Tuesday after a Monday sick day so she's still an academic tiger in my book.

I'm not sure you can fairly say DD did any extra hours of study. I didn't notice, anyway. Her teacher only found it was even possible to enter them for L6 2 days before end of March term.

teacherwith2kids Wed 17-Jul-13 20:46:53

DD's school (she's Year 5)

5% L6 reading - so c 3 children
14% L6 writing - c. 8 children
12% in the SPAG
25% L6 Maths - c. 15 children

Almost no SATs prep / cramming - just normal lessons for Y6 with a little exposure to a couple of practice papers.

partystress Wed 17-Jul-13 20:59:58

fivehourssleep almost 50% L6 maths is incredible! Congratulations! Do you have any tips? I was feeling proud of 4 out of the 12 we entered getting it, but that's out of a total year group of 90 - so you did 10 times better and I am envy and sad now.

Lilyloo Wed 17-Jul-13 21:05:29

Ds got a level 6 for reading

CPtart Wed 17-Jul-13 21:06:25

DS1 got a level 5 this year for reading (end of year 5) so watching this thread with interest. Not sure what approach our school have to entering children for level 6.

FiveHoursSleep Wed 17-Jul-13 21:37:14

partystressI'm not a teacher, just a parent, so don't really have any tips.
We are not in a Grammar area but some of the Grammars in other areas are within commuting distance so about 15% of our kids got places in those. So there is a fair bit of tutoring for the 11+ but not really for Year 6. I think the other factor is that up until a few years ago, our junior school was a middle school, so the teachers are used to teaching Year 7s.
We don't have excess homework and there were no early morning study groups or anything like that. They did do some practice papers though.
The school got 25% level 6's last year but it has outdone itself this year.
Our level 5 %s were SPaG 71%, Reading 74% and Maths 24%.

partystress Wed 17-Jul-13 22:02:38

Thank you fivehours. Think maybe the Y7 teaching experience is a real plus point. Might also be a help with 11+ if your area is anything like ours: we have just moved to a supposedly 'untutorable' new format which includes a maths element for which 'knowledge beyond the Y6 curriculum will be helpful'. The test has to be sat within the first two weeks of Y6 so I am a bit hmm about the chances of children from state primaries being able to compete on a level playing field with those from the many private schools in our area who don't have to worry about reaching floor targets...

Jenny70 Wed 17-Jul-13 22:14:39

How do you know L6's? Can't see L6 in the link hiphapnap posted... is it just word of mouth, or was it reported with the SATs results (my eldest is yr5)?

Feenie Wed 17-Jul-13 22:20:49

Reported with SATs.

FiveHoursSleep Wed 17-Jul-13 22:23:13

* partystress*
My eldest DD sat her 11+ 2 weeks into her year 6 last September; it was early but at least it got it over with. Our school did well and got 11 girls into the nearest girl's grammar even though we are in the outer catchment area and places are limited.
I have DD2 sitting it this year when she'll be 2 days into year 6! It'll be interesting to see what happens as its going to be all down to tutoring if you are at state school!

ThreeBeeOneGee Wed 17-Jul-13 22:26:17

DS2 got L6 in Maths (SATs and teacher assessment) and SPAG but not in any of the others. Same for the whole school's results.

chicaguapa Wed 17-Jul-13 22:26:30

DD got L6 in reading and there was only 2 out of 60 in the school to get it. She also got L6 for SPAG and just missed L6 on maths. I don't think there was any extra cramming, DD just loves reading and does a lot of it. HTH.

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