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KS2 SATS - did anyone at your school get Level 6 reading??

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kitnkaboodle Tue 16-Jul-13 23:18:59

.. just wondering. I know it's very rare across the country. Our school entered 5 pupils and none of them got it

littlemiss06 Tue 16-Jul-13 23:22:13

My daughter also went for level 6 but she got a 5A very proud of her but none of the kids in ours got a 6 either.

Verycold Tue 16-Jul-13 23:23:54

None here.

Movingtimes Tue 16-Jul-13 23:27:36

Three in ours.

chickensaladagain Tue 16-Jul-13 23:28:23

1 at ours

8 sat it

peachpudding Tue 16-Jul-13 23:31:46

is that the same as last year?

Movingtimes Tue 16-Jul-13 23:34:19

Nationally it was 3% last year.

LadyPeterWimsey Tue 16-Jul-13 23:35:25

DD did. About 3 or 4 others sat it, but I have no idea whether anyone else got level 6.

frazzledmamma Tue 16-Jul-13 23:47:41

none in ours, only 3 for maths

kitnkaboodle Tue 16-Jul-13 23:54:00

Well done those who did. I think it must be incredibly tough.

Movingtimes - wow! what kind of school??

parachutesarefab Wed 17-Jul-13 00:02:03

4. (58 children in the year, don't know how many tried L6.)

Lizziegeorge Wed 17-Jul-13 05:33:31

Get rid of it, more to primary school than SATS, the secondaries don't like or want it and a five is a good result! Poor children, too many being made to take it who aren't ready, hence the very low success rate.

Feenie Wed 17-Jul-13 06:56:45

It was NOT 3% last year - teacher assessment was 3%, but the actual test was less than 0.5% nationally.

tiggytape Wed 17-Jul-13 08:26:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

adeucalione Wed 17-Jul-13 09:24:56

Our school entered the top third (about 35 pupils) for the L6 papers (reading, spelling and grammar, maths). They had extra sessions at lunchtime, after school and instead of assembly, PE and drama.

About 10 got L6 maths and none got L6 reading or S&G.

I did voice the opinion that the L6 papers were supposed to be for those pupils already consistently working above L5 but it fell on deaf ears.

We now have clever L5 children leaving primary school feeling like they have failed - it was awful to see some crying on the day their reports came home.

Shootingstar79 Wed 17-Jul-13 09:27:19

2 L 6 reading, the same 2 children achieved L 6 for SPaG. 7 L6s in maths.
We were pleased but I don't think it will be as high next year.

Shootingstar79 Wed 17-Jul-13 09:28:35

Instead of PE! That's harsh! Ours did level 6 work in maths and literacy but no extra sessions at all.

Fizzypop001 Wed 17-Jul-13 09:32:45

6 percent of children at my sons school got level 6 in maths though

tiggytape Wed 17-Jul-13 10:05:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Redlocks30 Wed 17-Jul-13 10:33:21

No-12% got l6 for maths but nobody got it for reading/spag.

Xihha Wed 17-Jul-13 11:06:16

2 at ds's school, 15 got it for maths, dont know how many they put in for it though.

mumofthemonsters808 Wed 17-Jul-13 11:16:03

DD did not get it, but 2 in her year did. Fourteen children got level 6 in maths.

DeWe Wed 17-Jul-13 12:08:04

15% got L6 at maths this year at the dc's school. It was lower in literacy but stilll quite a few (big school)

BlueChampagne Wed 17-Jul-13 13:18:20

Don't know but staff did think it was a tough one.

Marmitelover55 Wed 17-Jul-13 13:35:15

7% achieved L6 reading at my dd1's school - not dd1 though, she got a L5 and wasn't entered for the L6.

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