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Letter to the head

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chickensaladagain Tue 16-Jul-13 07:02:38

Dd is leaving primary on Friday

She has been at the school since nursery

She has had a fantastic time, ups and downs but any issues dealt with well. She was identified g&t in nursery and has been stretched and challenged right the way through and couldn't have been better prepared for moving on to high school

If I sent a letter to the head thanking him would he think I was a complete loon?

I have a child lower down the school so will have to see him

The class teachers get gifts/cards every year but the head has been the constant and I think he deserves some recognition

Pozzled Tue 16-Jul-13 07:04:51

Do it. You won't look like a loon at all, and it will be really appreciated.

englishteacher78 Tue 16-Jul-13 07:05:18

Letters like that are always appreciated!

BikeRunSki Tue 16-Jul-13 07:08:15

Do it. People are very quick to criticise but rarely commend.

Inclusionist Tue 16-Jul-13 07:13:17

It will be really appreciated and in my school would go in the ofsted file .

MojitoMagnet Tue 16-Jul-13 07:31:05

Definitely do!
Letters like that are hugely treasured, more than all the wine and chocolates (though a nice bottle wouldn't go amiss too).
It's especially brilliant if they can use a line or two from the letter saying how great they are in their brochures and on their website.

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