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Handwriting help for 6 year old.

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OnTheNingNangNong Mon 08-Jul-13 11:55:56

DS1 is 6 and in year 2. We have had his end of year report which overall was fab, but he is working below the expected standard for handwriting.

When approaching the teacher- after DS point blank refusing to write anything in school- we were told to just get him writing.

Now he writes a lot at home, he has no problem writing things down but he cannot work out how to form letters 'correctly'. He writing is mainly legible and he is trying so hard to get his pen license before the end of the year. They have him joining letters even though he struggles with printing- this confused me greatly!

Are there any resources I can use to help him towards a good letter formation and handwriting confidence?

OnTheNingNangNong Mon 08-Jul-13 17:41:53


BigBoobiedBertha Mon 08-Jul-13 17:46:26

My DS1 is dyspraxic and has awful handwriting. He saw an occupational therapist when he was in primary school and both she and the school recommended Write from the Start.

It seems to help but you do have to practice regularly and it is a bit pricey!

GloryGloryDe Mon 15-Jul-13 16:37:04

Handwriting can be so frustrating. It’s so so important and we forget what it’s like to not know how to do it well! I homeschool and I use a curriculum for handwriting from Zaner-Bloser. I think you could probably implement that into his off-time. The workbooks are so fun I don’t think it would bore him. (Since he may be reluctant to do school work out of school hours) The website also has an online worksheet creator, so you could make up your own worksheets with letters that he struggles with and then customize it to words that he uses often and things he has interests in. The worksheets have the appropriate spacing and lines on them so it’s guided handwriting practice for manuscript and cursive.

Hope this helps, good luck to you!

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