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End-of-year Reports

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tryingtokeepintune Fri 05-Jul-13 20:52:20

When should I expect to get school report. I was told that school had to give them to parents at least 3 weeks before the end of school year. Is that correct?

Feenie Tue 09-Jul-13 18:32:23

Cleary Feenie's school is issuing reports on last day and making it pretty difficult for parents (concerned, confused, happy, just interested or otherwise) to come along and discuss it a bit more fully or find out more about what they can do to help at home over the summer.

Just to make it clear, this is a total figment of PastBy's imagination, who doesn't know me or my school. All our reports and all data went home tonight - a full two weeks before we break up for summer on Tuesday 23rd July.

lljkk Tue 09-Jul-13 19:56:56

Squee! DD got a heavy hint today that she did well in her SATs. We're both happy. smile

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