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how quick are complaints against staff dealt with?

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haveanothercreamcake Fri 05-Jul-13 18:23:49

first time on here, so please be kind grin
has anyone ever made a complaint against dinner time staff of them being a bit rough with their children?
If so, how quickly was it resolved?
I made a complaint this morning and by 3.30 the safeguarding children team had sent a letter and as far as school was concerned it was business as usual.
During the day, the member of staff complained about, was moved to a seperate playground.
Is it usually that quick?
Sorry, should have said, the dinner time staff admitted it happened, but it was seen as not malicious.

haveanothercreamcake Fri 05-Jul-13 18:42:48


mrz Fri 05-Jul-13 18:54:46


mrz Fri 05-Jul-13 18:55:27

but depends on the seriousness of the complaint

haveanothercreamcake Fri 05-Jul-13 19:04:18

It wasnt serious at all, really. but the child involved got very upset by it.

mrz Fri 05-Jul-13 19:15:49

It wasn't serious so they acted immediately for more serious complaints there would have to be investigations which take time v normal

haveanothercreamcake Fri 05-Jul-13 19:37:29

thank you thanks

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