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Son saying he won't do 11+

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suecy Fri 05-Jul-13 13:25:38

DS currently in Y4. Is very bright across the board, particularly in maths where he is currently a 5A pushing towards a 6.

We have a pretty selective 11+ process (probably top 5-10% get in) but I am confident that with practise and the right attitude from him he would get in. It's a mixed grammar with 4 form entry.

DS however is saying he doesn't want to do it and just wants to go to the local 9 form entry high school, mainly on the basis of 1 of his friends going there. He's even said if we entered him he would intentionally muck up the exam!

DS is socially a bit 'different' - asks questions most kids won't have thought of, converses better with adults and can generally come across as quite geeky, although he loves playing sports which has helped him make friends in our village school.

I am 100% sure that the grammar is the right school for him, as are his teachers. I think at the high school he's be seen as a bit of a geek freak, and I am sure this 1 friend will drop him like a ton of bricks to join the cool kids, which my son will never be! The grammar I feel will stretch him more academically but also provide a group of children for him to be friends with who are likely to 'get' him.

My question is - how do I get him to see this school as being his best option? Obviously he has to want to go there himself as I can't take his 11+ for him!!!!!

His sister is taking it this September and my current initial plan is to get her a laptop if she passes (although she may be more borderline to pass)!

What can I do??!!

NoComet Sat 06-Jul-13 15:31:13

The boy who got 4A* at A level.

Fifi2406 Sat 06-Jul-13 15:42:59

I refused to do my 11+ because of these two girls who would be going there and I was desperate to stay their friend....dropped me on the 2nd day and never spoke to me again!! I don't know what to suggest strong willed children don't listen easily but do anything you can to pursued him I was constantly bullied throughout school and I believe if I had done my 11+ which I was completely capable of passing things would have been different

Hope you manage to get through to him!

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