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Can we apply to a London borough we intend to move to or is there no hope?

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EllaRees Fri 05-Jul-13 10:05:07


My DS will start school in September 2014, so we need to apply by January 2014. We currently live in north London and want to move to south east London, but not until March 2014 after the application deadline. Would we stand any chance of getting a place in a school we'd prefer if applying from the other side of town? Do they take into account the fact that you intend to move?

Pyrrah Fri 05-Jul-13 10:15:48

You would have to apply from your current address.

Living in SE London myself, I can tell you that all the schools that I know of are seriously oversubscribed - not just the Outstanding ones. There is a shortage of school places here. I'm on the waiting list for my 1st choice at the moment and am at position 43. I don't know if things are better in 'leafier' areas - Dulwich etc

If you want a specific school then you really need to move as soon as possible. Could you rent while you are selling your own property (if you are a home owner)?

Councils cannot take into account that people intend to move - especially when there aren't enough places for all the children already living here.

Which part of SE London are you looking at?

Moominsarehippos Fri 05-Jul-13 10:17:04

Are you going the 'faith' route?

Pyrrah Fri 05-Jul-13 10:19:25

Even the 'faith' route is unlikely to have much luck in the North parts of SE London.

Moominsarehippos Fri 05-Jul-13 10:21:50

I know people who have had a smoother entry than most going this route. Lots of brownie points from the church though!

JustOneMoreBite Fri 05-Jul-13 10:25:11

As long as you've applied by the deadline, you have about another month (so by mid-February) to change your address and have it taken into account in the normal round of applications. After that you would have to do a late application and hope to get a place once everyone else has been sorted out.

PatriciaHolm Fri 05-Jul-13 11:17:33

No account will be taken of your intent to move, sorry, (Unless it was the case that you have exchanged contracts by the time the applications are closed, sometimes that can be taken into account) You will need to apply from your current address, and quite frankly won't stand a chance of getting into a popular school and will end up anywhere in the borough there is space. Can you not move a little earlier?

prh47bridge Fri 05-Jul-13 13:01:15

Agree with the other comments made here. Just to add that you will apply through your current council in north London even though you want a place elsewhere. You cannot apply direct to the council in south east London until you have moved there.

mummytime Fri 05-Jul-13 13:23:41

Okay, BUT although you may not get a place in the first round; you will "jump" up the waiting list when you move, and they may be ale to process the change of address faster than a new application.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Fri 05-Jul-13 13:53:40

Is there any chance you could move before deadline for applications? This is what I'd do if at all possible. Even if it makes something else tricky, eg, long commute for a couple of months.

fedupwithdeployment Fri 05-Jul-13 13:59:04

We did this, and it was very stressful. As DH is in the forces, we were allowed to apply before we moved, but it made no difference. The local school had spaces, and then 2 children in care were allocated them at the last minute. The councils (Lambeth, but I also spoke to Wandsworth as we are on the border) were beyond useless. Eventually it was sorted.

Good luck.

EllaRees Wed 10-Jul-13 19:35:12

A belated thank you for your replies, which do confirm my worst suspicions. It makes me want to move to one of those remote villages in Scotland where they only have 7 in the whole school...

Barbabeau Wed 10-Jul-13 22:39:42

Lewisham has a 'late for good reasons' final application date of 15 February or thereabouts. Is that an option?

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