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Teacher wearing bikini in swimming pool

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SweetSurrender Wed 03-Jul-13 17:00:05

Hello everyone, I'm new here - this looks like such a lovely community here, and I look forward to participating in many discussions here! I joined because I have a question to ask.

My child (8 years old boy) went on a trip a couple of weeks ago with his school to a swimming pool. They had qualified instructors outside the pool watching the children, but their teacher chose to go into the pool with them.

My boy told me that their teacher was wearing a very revealing bikini (not a sport one - something like this - ) - which was very surprising.

- do you think this is appropriate for a teacher to wear during school time?

jellybeans Thu 04-Jul-13 12:25:28

Wouldn't bother me at all.

amazingmumof6 Thu 04-Jul-13 12:42:56

it is unlikely he'd never seen a bikini - I asdume most children by that age would have been to a beach or a pool or a lake!
and probably seen suncream or holiday ads on tv - plenty of opportunity to see a woman or a girl in a bikini, even in kids' books or tv programmes about going to the beach!

amazingmumof6 Thu 04-Jul-13 12:43:13


frissonpink Thu 04-Jul-13 12:45:02

From a safeguarding point of view, I'm far more concerned with where on earth she got changed..

How could she have supervised the children and been in the pool with them?

And actually, she will have been informed (or rather should have) that wearing a skimpy bikini is inappropriate, as kids do grab at you in the water! (hence boardies and a rashie)

PelvicFloorClenchReminder Thu 04-Jul-13 16:22:39

Well, let's just hope Justin Fletcher doesn't jump upon this possible gap in our children's education and invent a bikini clad 'Lifeguard Tumble'.

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