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End of Year Parent/ Teacher meetings & sudden change of schedule?

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PastSellByDate Wed 03-Jul-13 06:10:48

Good morning:

As many will know it's been an interesting 6 years at our glorious educational institution - lovingly known as St. Mediocre by friends & familiy.

The HT of St. Mediocre in her July missive has informed parents that after months of advertising parent/ teacher end of year 'drop in' meetings on a certain date the are now to be held tomorrow - without changing school website diary.

I know most parents do not bother to read the St. Mediocre Propogandist - lot's of 'our happy family' - 'our successful school' - 'endeavoring to bring out the best in your children' - etc....

so this is my AIBU moment....

Last year this great educational institution only managed to produce 62% to NC Level 4+ in Maths/ English. Many of us (not in Y6 myself) are seriously concerned about the declining KS2 SATs results at the school and very eager to know how Y6 did. [This is a school which used to get 90% + to NC Level 4 under previous HT and now struggles to break 70% over last 5 years - character of area/ pupils has not radically altered].

My understanding was that parents had a right to discuss SATs results (KS1 Y2 or KS2 Y6) with teachers. (Is this true - maybe I've misunderstood? What do teachers think on this?)

Am I being unfair (AIBU)? Or is this all a bit odd?

pooka Sat 06-Jul-13 11:25:23

We don't have a formal parents' evening in the summer term.

The end of year report should give sats levels for end of KS1 and end of KS2. My own take on it is if I ever want to talk to the teacher about progress I can, whether that's before or after SATS or end of year report.

cansu Sat 06-Jul-13 13:21:06

Ok I have just flipped through the publication you linked to. It seems to say that schools must report the results to parents but I can't see anything about offering an opportunity to discuss scores with parents.

EasyFromNowOn Sat 06-Jul-13 14:53:03

Cansu - the requirement for parents to have the opportunity to discuss a report is stated here

although it doesn't tell you what happens if the school don't offer one....

cansu Sat 06-Jul-13 16:43:46

Many schools now do their parents evenings earlier on in the year as I think many parents wish to discuss their child's progress before the end of the year because if there are issues measures can be put in place before the end of the summer term. OP is talking about requirement to discuss SATS scores. I do not believe there is such a legal requirement. Schools and teachers would undoubtedly be willing to make an appointment to discuss the scores but this wouldn't be a timetabled event. what would there be to discuss? if child has missed out on level due to being just below boundary, what can this discussion achieve? If the child has achieved a higher level than in their everyday class work, is this because they had a particularly good day or because what was on the paper was taught the week before or for another reason. I don't really understand why SATS scores need to be discussed. Progress needs to be discussed but if school is doing a good job then parents and teachers will know whether child has made progress and what needs to be worked on without waiting for SATS results to be published a week or two before the Summer break.

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