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Kent Primary schools -Sex Education policy?

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IvaNighSpare Sun 30-Jun-13 21:48:03

Do any Kent Mums (particularly East Kent/Shepway) know if there is a policy on sex education regarding if/when sex education is given in primary schools,
DD is approaching the end of Year 6 and I was under the impression they broached this subject in this year.
However, three weeks before they leave Primary education, nothing has been said.
We have answered all DD's questions honestly and has a rudimentary grasp of How Babies are Made but as far as I'm aware, she knows nothing about periods and puberty. . I'm wondering if I should bite the bullet and chat to her.

Hi, West Kent and Year 3 so not quite there yet. But I think our school may even start in Year 5 and then go back to it again in Year 6. Also seems to be stuff on drugs, smoking etc, so general life stuff as well.

Try Kent partnership for parents run though KCC - they are fabulous and friendly with all questions.

ReadytoOrderSir Sun 30-Jun-13 21:54:33 Any use? Link to SRE about halfway down.

IvaNighSpare Sun 30-Jun-13 22:07:10

Thanks to both for this, I'll have a look through.
If any parents could also share experiences with schools I would be grateful.
If DD's school are not choosing to formally educate Year 5/6 children, when she enters Secondary School next year I don't want her to be at a disadvantage when meeting peers who already know facts and who could misinform and frighten her.
On the other hand I don't want to overwhelm her if it isn't advisable or necessary yet.

ReadytoOrderSir Sun 30-Jun-13 22:10:37

Most areas teach the facts of puberty at year 5 and intercourse/conception in yr 6. Regardless, she needs to know sooner rather than later - her friends will be developing already even if she isn't.

Nerfmother Sun 30-Jun-13 22:14:49

Yes you should absolutely talk to her! Get a book, get a mini pack of pads etc in a wash bag and let her put it somewhere safe. Blimey, you can't just hope someone else does!
As for school, west Kent, year five here.

IvaNighSpare Sun 30-Jun-13 22:36:31

Right, I'm off to Amazon, can anyone recommend a good book?
I've obviously made the mistake of trusting the school (which I naively believed were better judges of when children were ready to learn these things) and they appear to be dodging the subject too.
This has come about from a creeping declaration from DD of conversations she "overheard" Yr 6 peers from other schools.
We finally managed to tease the "facts" from her and put her straight about some concerns she had.
I wasn't aware other schools had initiated this and am quite perturbed her own school seems to have not not adopted a similar policy.
I have no qualms in discussing it with her myself but a bit disturbed there is no uniform policy across all schools.

Nerfmother Sun 30-Jun-13 22:45:36

Usborne do a really good one called 'what's happening to me?' It's very simple and straightforward and they do pink and blue versions! Good bit is they do have a section about the other gender as well.

I actually sell Usborne and the What's Happening to Me are fantastic books. The relief on parents faces when they see I have one in stock! As Nerf says above - they are straightforward and offer perspective n changes to the other sex which seems a really good idea.

IvaNighSpare Sun 30-Jun-13 23:45:11

great stuff!
I'm starting to wonder if DD "slipped through the cracks" as, due to returning to the UK after 5 years abroad, and then a consequential house move, this is her third school in 18 months.
thankfully she is settled now and looking forward to her transition to secondary school in September.
I think I'll have a chat with her teacher tomorrow.
Thanks againsmile smile

IvaNighSpare Mon 01-Jul-13 10:18:19

Thanks everyone.
I had a chat with a couple of Mums at the school gates and it turns out the school. "Just doesn't do sex education".
I find this really irresponsible especially when you consider that we had further talk with DD last night and discovered that she kept hearing friends from other schools talk about Sex so she looked it up on the internet!!!
We thought the filtering software on her laptop was adequate but something slipped through and gave her quite a scare! Luckily she clicked off because she it was 'so gross' so she's not exactly keen to practice it.
I'm shocked at the school's attitude, do they not realise the disadvantage they are putting their children at when they meet other more knowledgeable kids in secondary school in a couple of months?

IvaNighSpare Mon 01-Jul-13 10:22:12

I still do accept a degree of responsibility for this however as we had heard that all other local schools gave "the chat" in Yr 5 or 6, we were just holding fire so DD could learn at the same pace as her classmates.
I guess in a way at least we learned now so we can undo the damage before too late.

drwitch Mon 01-Jul-13 10:28:13

kent mum of ds in year 3 here, my son had some sex education education on friday (announced loudly to all and sundry on the way home from school). had to label things on drawings of naked bodies, saw a video of a baby being born and was told about having a hug "where you move up and down". little bit early imo but his is a joint year 3/4 class, still seems stange to go from believing in father christmas to knowing abut sex in just 9 monhts!

TeenAndTween Mon 01-Jul-13 12:07:41

I thought sex education was part of the NC? Perhaps not.
I think it is shocking that a primary school doesn't cover it.
Some year 6s (and even y5) will start periods so they need to know in advance.

We have had chats with DD2 already she is just finishing y3 ...
Our school covers in y4, and then again y5/6, more detail each time.

Frikadellen Mon 01-Jul-13 12:57:42

West Kent mum here with a son in Y6 they have had 2 days worth of talking about the subject just prior to the half term.. According to ds thy giggled a lot.

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