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DD at the end if year 3 AND CANNOT RECITE MONTHS of the year in order

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FALSEdichotomy Sat 29-Jun-13 22:53:02

This is an Indie school

DD has been there since pre reception

I feel neglectful that ive only just realised this.

Although ds1 has just wandered up to me and recited them backwards and then forwards so possibly I just caught him off guard before grin

I asked him days of the week and he recited Sunday-Sunday, possibly his teacher has taught it that way to alleviate the issues readytoorder mentioned above above.

I do know they know the length of each month as they learn a poem about it... which is handy when I forget and need to ask them wink

AlienAttack Sun 30-Jun-13 19:41:20

Yes cecilyP, I understood what you meant. My point was that we can help our children by reinforcing months/days etc when we speak to them in usual day to day conversation. So, for example, when we say "school starts again in September" we can use the opportunity to discuss which months come between now and then. To say the months are irrelevant because the DC aren't the ones needing to organise their lives is like saying that helping them to recognise coins is unnecessary until they are financially independent!

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