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DD at the end if year 3 AND CANNOT RECITE MONTHS of the year in order

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FALSEdichotomy Sat 29-Jun-13 22:53:02

This is an Indie school

DD has been there since pre reception

I feel neglectful that ive only just realised this.

Jojay Sat 29-Jun-13 22:55:19

Oh dear. Ours learn a little song in preschool that helps them memorize it. I can't figure out how to write the tune down though grin

AuntySib Sat 29-Jun-13 22:59:50

I just realised my 12 year old can't do this! Make him practice whenever I remember! However he knew all his tables at 6, rode a bike really early, just think they can't all be perfect at everything all the time!

doublecakeplease Sat 29-Jun-13 23:02:27

This is a home skill as well as a school skill - do you help her to recite them?

Jojay Sat 29-Jun-13 23:06:05

This is the song ours learn in preschool

ZZZenagain Sat 29-Jun-13 23:07:14

look for a song. Dd learnt the Spanish months with a song and it just sticks in your head after listening to it a few times.

maja00 Sat 29-Jun-13 23:09:00

What is an indie school?

ZZZenagain Sat 29-Jun-13 23:09:30

independent school

Coconutty Sat 29-Jun-13 23:12:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ReadytoOrderSir Sat 29-Jun-13 23:17:36

Even among those who do know months and days you do get huge misconceptions. Many children have no idea what month comes after December, or what day comes after Sunday.

notanyanymore Sat 29-Jun-13 23:21:13

Can she read? Do maths? Hold pens? Spell? Interact socially? I don't think its that big a deal tbh if she's generally doing well.

toomuchicecream Sun 30-Jun-13 08:15:10

It's a skill that's only explicitly taught in KS1 (normally year 1) so if she missed it for some reason then, it won't be revisited as they will have moved on to other things. I suspect there are rather a lot of skills like that that slip through the net. For example, I did quite a bit of work earlier in the year about the letters of the alphabet and then one day last week for some reason we chanted the letters to a constant pulse. Which was fine until we got to that letter in the middle - the one called lmno. I'm sure there are children who think it's called mlno or nmlo or similar, so we'll be revisiting that...

VinegarDrinker Sun 30-Jun-13 08:22:01

Do you have a kids' calendar at home?

We have one with month/date/clock/season/weather that they adjust/change themselves.

DS learnt from days and weeks that. (He's 2)

Not sure if she would be too old for that type of thing?

I wouldn't think it's up to school tbh.

mrz Sun 30-Jun-13 08:39:42

In state schools knowing the order of the months of the year is part of the Maths curriculum for KS1

Know in order the months and seasons of the year.
Know significant times in the day or year: for example, own bedtime, own birthday (day and month).

kelda Sun 30-Jun-13 08:42:19

My dd1 is nine and finds days of the week, and months difficult.

She is great at the times tables though.

mrz Sun 30-Jun-13 08:43:17

CecilyP Sun 30-Jun-13 10:46:25

I would imagine that if it is taught in Y1 and not then revisited, most children will have forgotten by Y3. It is not really relevant to there lives in that they are not the ones who have to plan ahead. It is presumably only by chance that OP has discovered this as it has simply not come up before.

mrz Sun 30-Jun-13 10:53:38

They would normally be taught it in reception , then revisit in Y1 and Y2 not just left to forget

CecilyP Sun 30-Jun-13 11:38:27

This may seem like a daft question, but why is it taught in reception if it has to be retaught in Y1 and Y2?

mrz Sun 30-Jun-13 11:49:53

because like many things the foundations are begun in reception - it may be a birthday train or singing January brings the snow ... and the expectation is that by the end of KS1 children will have consolidated that learning. As you rightly pointed out doing something briefly in Y1 doesn't guarantee a child will recall it two years later

AlienAttack Sun 30-Jun-13 16:14:44

How can months in the year "not be relevant to their lives"?! Surely we are always speaking to our DC about visiting grandma on Saturday or school starting in September and so we need to help them develop an understanding of months of the year etc? As Mrz says, that is likely to come from consolidated learning, in KS1 but also at home.

ReadytoOrderSir Sun 30-Jun-13 16:35:14

They do have some cracking misconceptions. A common SAT-style of maths question is "Today is 27th November. It is Fred's birthday in 10 days' time. On what date is Fred's birthday?"

Answer: 37th November according to a large proportion of my class.

Yet if I ask them how many days are there altogether in October and November, they get that correct.

Ferguson Sun 30-Jun-13 17:43:49

Yes, I was going to say get her a large picture calendar, of her favourite things : kittens, pop stars, or whatever, (if any shops still got this year's left should get for knock-down price!) Otherwise, next year's. Or a diary, and she can write her secrets as well.

CecilyP Sun 30-Jun-13 17:49:39

Alien, I was meaning that a child of that age does not need to know the months of the year because they do not need to orgainise their own lives. If school starts in September, they will get there because someone else is organising them. I daresay OP's DD has managed to start 4 autumn terms on the correct date without being able to recite the months of the year in order.

SummerRainIsADistantMemory Sun 30-Jun-13 17:50:52

ds1 is just finished year 2 and could do them reasonably well, had to be prompted for April and got June and July back to front

dd is just finished year 3 and flew up to July, had to be prompted for August and September and October back to front.

Good enough imo for their ages, I was surprised they knew them that well tbh as it had never ocurred to me to ask before blush

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