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calling all teachers what gifts do you love?

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mam29 Sat 29-Jun-13 08:41:03

I wnat to do something for dd1s teachers and support staff but not sure what?

Dds old school was very showy with huge collections like 300quid of shopping vouchers, flowers, chocs and wine.

Was horrible.

Last few few years made some pressies.

or brought something small inexpensive xmas was nice notebook and plant.

I dont want to go ott. So any tips /ideas?

Also would be odd to give token gift to head? dont want her to think im bribing her.

Just new school really do extra mile where as old school dident so most unlike me would rather get it sorted early thinking some sort craft project might look on pinterest.

MissM Sun 30-Jun-13 21:49:26

DH is a teacher and wine always goes down well! He also uses a bowl and mug that a child made him with a picture of him in his team's kit. He loves it! I agree with others that a thank you message is the most valuable though - he works bloody hard and it helps him realise that it's not gone unnoticed!

Pyrrah Mon 01-Jul-13 12:27:44

Can anyone clarify... I was told that any gift over £10 has to be declared by the teacher and so to keep gifts under that price?

For Xmas, I managed to get a half-price deal on really good champagne so they each got a bottle of that. I reckoned that if they didn't drink it themselves they could always re-gift it.

Was shocked at how much I got thanked by them the next term. Considering that a babysitter round here is almost £10 and hour, a measly bottle of champagne for putting up with DD for an entire term seemed positively cheap to me!

Tiggles Mon 01-Jul-13 12:38:29

Most schools will have a bribery policy. At the university I work at, I have to declare if anyone gives a gift of over £10 in value.

Periwinkle007 Mon 01-Jul-13 19:33:54

What if the class parents do a collection though to give vouchers? does that have to be declared as it isn't a gift from one individual so technically even if it was £30 it could be 10 gifts of £3 each

stargirl1701 Mon 01-Jul-13 19:55:27

Any gift over £25 must be reported to the HT, LEA & HMRC. The teacher will either not be allowed to accept it or will have to pay tax on the gift.

Big crackdown at the moment. We got emails before the end of term (Scotland).

Periwinkle007 Mon 01-Jul-13 20:10:47

ok I will ask at the office tomorrow then what the rules are at our school and make sure we don't go over whatever the amount is. If it is £10 then we will just get 3 different gifts presented by 3 different groups of parents.


HappyAsEyeAm Mon 01-Jul-13 20:31:31

Thanks for the inspiration. DS finishes reception in two weeks' time and his teacher has been wonderful. Have ordered a self inking stamp which says 'Mrs X says fantastic work'.

I love it! Hope she is as pleased smile

Periwinkle007 Mon 01-Jul-13 20:34:17

ooh I like the sound of that stamp. can I ask where you got it from?

BabiesAreLikeBuses Mon 01-Jul-13 20:51:59

Haven't heard anything about declaring gifts before, mind you i work for a small la generally ten years behind

Agree to personal card or letter. One child wrote me a poem last year, lovely.

Worst i had was half used mascara clearly nicked from mum's make up bag. It's the thought that counts?

stargirl1701 Mon 01-Jul-13 20:54:08

This is the first year in 15 years of teaching I heard about it.

Periwinkle007 Mon 01-Jul-13 20:57:27

I knew there were some rules about what had to be declared but I gather that last year a few classes parents did collections and noone commented when I mentioned it. We always had rules in my previous jobs so I assumed the same applied.

HorryIsUpduffed Mon 01-Jul-13 22:15:18

Last time this came up the conclusion was that the limits apply per child/family - so a £100 collection from twenty children doesn't trigger a £25 limit, but a £26 bottle of champagne from one family does.

Phantomteadrinker Mon 01-Jul-13 23:02:41

Just ordered our personalised stamp from eBay. 'Miss x thinks you're a star' perfect! Thanks for the tip grin

Periwinkle007 Tue 02-Jul-13 10:37:42

ah ok thanks Horry - I have emailed the office just asking for clarification.
sounds good phantom

HappyAsEyeAm Tue 02-Jul-13 11:18:17

I ordered the personalised stamp from ebay. £10.49 including postage. You can choose your colour, wording and picture.

Periwinkle007 Tue 02-Jul-13 11:46:03

thanks Happy - I have just looked it up, and found some stickers as well. amazing how much you can get personalised now isn't it?

HappyAsEyeAm Tue 02-Jul-13 11:49:23

I now - I am such a fan of personalised things. You could never get anything with my name on when I was a kid, so I am probably making up for that now as I buy loads! I hope DS' teacher likes the stamp. Its not like she can regift it if she doesn't! I wouldn't ever have thought of it if it wasn't for this thread thanks

MadeOfStarDust Tue 02-Jul-13 11:50:00

the gifts should fall under the same tax rules as "tips" really.... but they don't yet

Nagoo Tue 02-Jul-13 13:32:07

I got some stickers, great idea thank you.

ReadytoOrderSir Wed 03-Jul-13 17:38:26

Have just come across an idea of what NOT to do please ...
Number 2 is to give the teacher a photo of your child, in a decorated frame. I'm sorry but, even if your child was a perfect angel and the brightest of the bright, I can't imagine me wanting to keep a framed photo of them. I've got the whole class pic. That'll suit me just fine thank you.

HappyAsEyeAm Fri 05-Jul-13 13:20:42

Got my stamp today. Very fast turn around! I am going to give it with some gel pens, so I need to buy a nice box or bag. The box the stamp came in was squished and I would like it to be better presented. Otherwise very happy!

mixedmamameansbusiness Fri 05-Jul-13 14:40:55

We are contributing to the collection of DS1 teacher who was great but not more so than anyone else. DS1 loved him so will write a card.

DS2 teacher was just incredible and so was the TA and I will be taking in a big box of something lovely for the staff room for both classes and DS2 teacher is into music and plays the guitar so is getting a guitar pick which we can inscribe, he may never use it but we really thought hard about it and I hope he will see that.

All will get a letter from me outlining why I think they are great and DS2 team will get a letter to the Head - I am that impressed ( and I am generally impressed with the school anyway )

ReadytoOrderSir Fri 05-Jul-13 19:07:47

Just sharing an idea that was posted on a similar thread ... these bags were recommended by another teacher and I've just ordered some for my TAs :-)

HorryIsUpduffed Fri 05-Jul-13 19:21:28

Ooh I'd like the TA one if it didn't have that cringey spelling correction on it.

Hmm, there must be other sites with similar ... <Googles> ... if nothing else it would be a nice way to present the homemade edibles.

BadRoly Fri 05-Jul-13 19:30:42

Having read through, can I ask if a book token for each child's class rather than for the teacher would be a good idea please? So that the teacher/TA can choose books for their classroom/the library.

I have in the past made a tray bake cake for the staff room with a card thanking everyone who is involved in helping my dc at school which seemed to go down well.

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