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How long to wait on a wait list?

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mam29 Tue 25-Jun-13 20:37:45

Cut a long story short eldest school out of catchment so no sibling linksad

This year oversubscribed by 47 1st choice preferences
Only 20places.

Asibling dident get in just outside map boundry but closer to it than I am.

shes appealed twice and lost same as me has daughter going into year 3 next year.

Mine dont start until next september as just missed this years cut off as early sept birthday so she be 5 when she starts.

Her brothers due to start year after sept 2015 as 20months between them.

Since we joined a few have left which gave me reason to be hopeful but told today

movement in past years not been common.

This year 1 child left reception and sibling got a place after term 1.

some have left year 1 and 2?

has anyone waited until years 1. 2 or 3 to start school?

Thinking of home education until either a place comes up or juniors by which time eldest will be in senior schhool whereever has vacancy for 2nd daughter then gives youngest sibling link?

I know on school threads sometimes places come up in september.

jsut interested in those who waited until after xmas and longer.

I know one lady whos defered her not wanted place until jan and hoping 1st choice comes up but think that school has even less movement than ours.

I think i can be bumped down list if new family moves closer.

Just waiting game. Trying to decide on plan before school application time but dont hold much hope me getting any of my 3 preferences.

luckyclucky Tue 25-Jun-13 20:51:31

I know this isn't very useful but really its like 'how long is a piece of string?'.

And I say this as someone who did HE waiting for a school place. We did it for only half a term in the end but its impossible to second guess how long you may be waiting & at times difficult to hold your nerve.

People helpfully told me I'd "never" get a place because noone would leave an Outstanding school but not only did we get a place but in the end 3 further children have joined DS' class in the last term & a half.

People move house, their circs change & they may even decide they don't like, or would prefer a different school & none if those things can be predicted.

When DS got his place we had absolutely no idea it was even a possibility, but after half term 1 pupil never returned grin

Really only you can decide how long you are willing to wait.

mam29 Tue 25-Jun-13 21:00:15

I know lucky i think im comfy with skipping reception.

its just the unknown.

I know waitlists drop off after so long

depends if im last one standing?

or if new people move closer and bump me.

im looking at worst case

and past patterns to determine plan of action.

as all too often on here read well we defer and sometimes place comes up.

never seem to read about people half way through or end of year who still waiting..

Combined with fact i have 2starting its played on my mind somewhat.

I Heard whats happened at other schools

waiting or new schools admissions booklet to be published or hard facts.

have rang councils for distances.

I dont really want any other school.

Never expected it all to get this complex is like school poker!

its a gamble.

Pyrrah Tue 25-Jun-13 21:19:31

I'm 43rd on the waiting list for the school I want - I will stay on it till I get a place or DD turns 11!

In the meantime, she's going to the school we did get a place at and I'm just keeping fingers and toes crossed.

So, you can sit on the list as long as you want to.

AlienAttack Tue 25-Jun-13 21:26:23

Surely it all depends on turnover a school. My DD's school in SW London has very high movement, e.g 4 children left her class of30(in a 2 form entry) in reception and a further 3 in year 1. However, the places have been filled immediately and typically with recent arrivals who have moved in very close t the school. I am not aware of anyone who has moved from another local school to my DD's school which I assume is because their address has never been quite near e ought to get them up t 1st place on wait list.

AlienAttack Tue 25-Jun-13 21:27:22

Sorry for typos, hope the gist of the post is understandable.

mam29 Tue 25-Jun-13 21:27:30

thanks pyrrah hope your persistance pays off.

If was 1st born i be willing seriously consider others.

but possibly have 3 at 3different schools.

so i will home ed and wait it out and hope they take pity with me on juniors as no infant class ruling.

heard another mum who left last school got eldest in on juniors, youngest has reception place but middle one still stuck shes hopeul year 3 they take her.

Im surprised how much movement has been.

some traveller kids. hospital consultants, house moves common this year.

will be watching this years no accepted sibling in september ans seeing if she gets in have no idea on wait list where she is.

But every years diffrent and council keep saying year on year more applications.

redskyatnight Tue 25-Jun-13 21:43:19

Where are you on the waiting list?
How much has the waiting list moved historically? (as in, have as many children gone onto it as off it - so people moving into the area will go in ahead of you).

One of my DD's friends has been on the waiting list for her catchment school since the start of Reception (lost Reception appeal). She's recently just lost an appeal for a Y3 place for September. The highest she has ever been on the waiting list is 8th and she's currently 13th. Mum has resigned herself that her DD will never get in to the school.

I think you need to make a plan on the basis of "never" getting in.

mam29 Tue 25-Jun-13 22:33:49

Not on wait list yet.

But not looking hopeful based on this years admissions just gone.

That we get one.

elder sibling moved in november on midyear admission.

There has been some movement in year 2 this year hence why my eldest got in and 2year 2s and year 1s left since she been there.

But told by other parents this years been odd.

That one child left reception and 1sibling finally got in after 1term.

My options are

accept another school and probably one I dont like doing 2schools for 3years duration eldest has left at primary.

start home educating both younger 2 until space comes up.

once eldest has place secured at senior school start looking at other schools so home educating them both for 2years.

try move closer-on my list.

im hoping as year goes on if space does come up most people given up i guess and patiance will pay off.

Flyingtree Tue 25-Jun-13 22:53:03

My daughter's been waiting 8 months for a Year 1 transfer. There's 3 on the waiting list. She's possibly 'top' as she will have a sibling starting Reception this September there, plus we live only 1 street away.

But only 1 place was offered in Year 1 and that was half a year ago.

It's just been Ofsted downgraded from Outstanding to Good though, so I hope that helps someone decide to remove themselves from the school!

Having been to the first Reception induction though this week, I have to say that although I persevered with this school because it was the nearest one when I moved here, I'm not impressed by the actual size of the classrooms for Reception and 3 of the 4 Reception teachers are very early Twentysomething Polish.

mam29 Tue 25-Jun-13 23:04:27

flying tree take it you moved and new to area.As one street away sounds close.

I take it shes at another school? old school or new school you dont like? or are you home educating?

I think when you applying for 1st time you can get wrong impression and its reputation.

I hold my hands up and say I made mistake with school one but made best decision with facts had at time.

Since ofsted downgrade last summer quite a few left but wasent my reason for leaving.

But school no 2 eldest been there since november she adores it I adore it despite being further away.

I have met reception teacher and ta , seen their onw little enclosed garden.

Its pure rception class just 20kids workd away from eldests reception of 30 with job share teacher and 1 who was frequently sick.

I so want her 2sblings go there I took risk as was thinking of eldest and nothings a certainty in school admissions.

as its volunary controlled coe im powerless they all baptised coe but makes no difference all done on catchment ad distance.

I think feel sadder as she desperatly wants to go school and will lose freinds this year as shes sept be day and many of them starting school.

I know she could stay nursery until jan just unsure if that what be best for her.

Im relucatnt send her elsewhere as would always be lesser choice and logistical nightmare.

Flyingtree Wed 26-Jun-13 00:38:07

Yes, moved here completely unaware the nearest school was the town's only Ofsted Oustanding graded, consequently it's over subscribed so my daughter is still at her old school 5 miles away. It will cause problems come this September with two at different schools 5 miles apart..and I don't drive.

mam29 Wed 26-Jun-13 01:34:26

Hope you get something soon flying tree.

I dont drive either so 1.2mile walk.

i just cant see how do 2.

current school has good breckfast provision 8am daily but after schools bit unreliable.

Also here different schools different times 3.10, 3.15 or 3.30.

bus service is rubbish. I dont have a school on direct bus route.

whats 2nd nearest to you like?

crazymum53 Wed 26-Jun-13 12:35:53

Just to clarify that the over-subscription criterion "47 1st choice preferences" includes all applications that expressed either 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferences.
Does this school have mixed age classes OP as I cannot understand why they admit only 20 children per year group otherwise ?
Sibling numbers do vary from year to year, but the fluctuations have a bigger effect on small schools.

mam29 Wed 26-Jun-13 13:41:19

Crazy mum

there were 67 1st choice prefences

for 20places.

The pan is 20 per year.

yes its mixed classes but reception pure

none of 5classes in the school are over 30kids per class.

They dont have room to expand its rare tiny school due to be relocated sometime in future and they still debating single/doube intake and exact location.

Its one of few schools in my area that has an apr-area of prime respomsability(catchment). Theres a map boundry which is odd shape as very close to different lea border so some from other county get in as they technically close.

Im within 2miles and if that was any school near me that be enough if it has no apr. But council class siblings as local and non local so we classes as non local so no sibling link.

which means child 2 is same as child 1.

its been high siblings this year at many locals schools and none of them have had bulge classes just popular area for families.

A few at school come bit further as it was one o few schools with places which is fine until you have sibling to consider.

It did play back of mind but have no regrets did right thing for eldest.

I keep thinking stay positive as new school round corner might attract few people just hearing siblings dident get in this year, dident get in last year makes me less hopeful and even council themselves say numbers on rise and they need more spaces entire city does and was inner city problem which now spreading out to suburbs,

Its common here for people drive to nearby village schools to avoid large town schools or sink academys.

dd1 is year 2next year so 20 year 3s and 10 oldest year 2s.

wondering if they can be more flexible when gets to class 4-5.

speces have come up this year and not everyone likes such small school and mixed classes.

But its ofsted and sats have been good so its getting much more interest in recent years.

Im trying to avoid 2schools which is what i do now preschool over mile away rom daughters school and only do that twice a week.

if by time eldest leaves then theres till np space will have to admit defeat but right now home ed seems like best option.

tiggytape Wed 26-Jun-13 14:36:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alicia32 Wed 26-Jun-13 17:04:39

Individuals shift home, their circs modify & they may even choose they don't like, or would choose a different university & none if those techniques can be expected.

wonderingagain Wed 26-Jun-13 17:08:28

What's wrong with the school she did get a place in?

crazymum53 Thu 27-Jun-13 08:35:24

What I am getting at OP is that a PAN of 20 is very unusual and depending on how the classes are divided it could increase the chances of appealing successfully i.e. it won't be an infant class size appeal if all the infants classes are under 30 children.
Having a class size of 20 for reception sounds great, but would put a strain on the school budget as schools are funded on the basis of 30 children per teacher.

mam29 Thu 27-Jun-13 12:08:23

Crazy mum I was wondering if the 20pan made easier to appeal but not when all infant classes

class 1-reception 20
class 2 20year 1, 10 year 2s
class 3 mix keystages 1 and 2 as 20year 3s and 10year s.

so infant class ruling would apply to other 3classes

Then class 4 is and 5 is mix of years 4,5 ,6.

Class 3, 4 and 5 are porta cabin classes in playground.

someone whoe lives closer than me with sibling appealed twice abd lost on this years decision.

1 child on reception wait list did get a place but only 1 place came up this year.

Its just how long a wait? every years different
every years admissions are different.

There is possibility an new build area currently in catchment will be taken out as their new build primary opens this september but rises each year so couldent take transfer older siblings.

I love the school its eldest 2nd school so shes staying until seniors.

Just dont want to do 2schools.

I think i be happy to educate infants and then at juniors can look at wider selection if school does not create any spaces.

But its has this year.

few leaving end of term.

so will be space in september in years 2 and 3.

Tiggytape you speak good sense as usual.

Im hoping as time goes on mid year transfer is not as common.
a few this year have moved from other local schools they were unhappy with others genuinally are new to area.

I guessing years 1 upwards people reluctant to move and later years of junior.

I guess its either get child in reception, move when they start year 3.

Also guess after christmas chances are improved that people will drop off wait lists as people like to move start of year.

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