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Tower Hamlets' Primaries - any thoughts?

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thefruitmonster Sun 23-Jun-13 21:42:44

Our DC are in the primary system already but we're (my DH and I) interested to know about other schools that may or may not be an option.We are in Tower Hamlets. Would really appreciate knowing schools to investigate further and ones to perhaps not to, and reasons why if possible. Websites and reports are one thing but parents' opinion is crucial IMO. Any thoughts??

blondieminx Sun 23-Jun-13 21:51:06

I am in Essex - but through work we partner with Tower Hamlets Education & Business Partnership and I read one lunchtime a week with a little boy at a school in Tower Hamlets. It's Christ Church Primary in Brick Lane, which is only 10 mins from the office smile

It seems a really lovely school, the teaching staff seem well engaged during visits and the kids are great. I've been a reading partner with this school for 2 years.

Prior to that, I read at St John's primary in Bethnal Green which also had a positive atmosphere and they were always doing lots of trips! I haven't visited the school in over 2 yrs so don't have current knowledge.

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