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I promised myself I would never start a reading level thread, but can I just ask...

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youbethemummylion Sat 22-Jun-13 06:30:24

What does it mean if the publishers of the book have classified it as turquoise but the school have put a grey sticker on it and the teacher has written Ds is on grey level in his reading record? Is it that they disagree with the publishers levels? Its a Rigby book if that makes any difrerence.

chickensaladagain Sat 22-Jun-13 06:51:09

Different publishers use different colours for equivalent levels so the school has just standardised them to their main reading scheme

I love the rigby books -so much more interesting than the Oxford reading tree

mrz Sat 22-Jun-13 08:06:55

Is your son in KS1 or 2 (grey is a KS2 book band but there is an overlap with KS1 bands)
The most likely explanation is that the school uses it's own colour system based on the stickers they had at the time IMHE.

youbethemummylion Sat 22-Jun-13 08:19:33

He is in year 1. I thought grey seemed a bit random as last month he was only on ort level 7.

youbethemummylion Sat 22-Jun-13 08:20:20

Oh and yes the Rigby books are very good

mrz Sat 22-Jun-13 08:26:44

ORT level 7 is turquoise book band

youbethemummylion Sat 22-Jun-13 08:38:31

So looks like the grey is some sort if inhouse system and the turquoise which is written on the book is my best means of working out what level he is working at. Thanks for the help.

Periwinkle007 Sat 22-Jun-13 14:19:18

our school uses different colours at different stages to national book band ones, or more to the point uses the same colours but in a different order. from what you say it sounds like he is still on book band 7 but the school have changed their labels.

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